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The sentimental issues are causing more distress to the human heart. Without money, millions of people survive day to day. But without love, human beings would not last a moment. Is known that the newborns die in the nurseries of hospitals if not provided them affection, contact, affection. It is not for lack of food, is lack of love. This phenomenon as studied by Dr. Howard Schultz spoke with conviction. Rene Spitz, called Hospitalism, and is an indication that the human being needs more than anything love to live.

The Tarot of love it is to help us with these important issues. The Tarot of love is a specially designed to perform queries on the emotional level. It will allow us to know, for example, if the person with whom we are is suitable for us. Or tell us that it is not even our time, that we should expect to get the love to our door. Do not despair, but wait, with the quiet heart, because the Tarot of love does not tell us that we will stay single forever, but we should wait, that happiness come to our lives.

The Tarot of love will help us to determine if that person who accompanies us today is the person right for us, or if on the contrary, his presence will be only cause of pains and sorrows. The Tarot of love will speak with clarity, and is in us know listen to his advice. Many times it happens that we don't want to hear that that hurts us, why the Tarot of love has to communicate to us, because we feel that we are simply not ready for bad news. To prevent us suffering to hear the truths that the Tarot of love has to tell us, prefer to continue with the daily sorrow that leads us to be with someone who does not want us. An election certainly very sad. It is necessary to tune the heart for what the Tarot of love have for us, whether it is good or bad. Many times we have plans for our lives, we believe that we choose what we want, when in reality life surprises us every day with things that we did not expect. Not knowing what is happening is what prevents that one has control, take the reins of your life. For this reason, the Tarot of the Love will give us much information, very useful. If it is good, will celebrate. If it's sad, we will prepare us for what is coming. The Tarot of love is the key to restrain the sorrow of heart and win the confidence that the person we are looking for, will very soon into our lives.