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3-D printer - actually there: printers that can create three-dimensional body. These 3D printers are so far mainly in the industrial prototyping and design, or in the architecture above. The advantage is clearly obvious: 3D models you can touch. 3 D make printer models so the buttons off and try out. So can be quickly and cheaply found out, if, for example, a component for the remaining matches, or if a product looks like anyone could have imagined it. Also customer presentations are plastic so in the truest sense of the word '.

The manufacture of three-dimensional models is also called rapid prototyping"referred to and is long known to designers and design engineers. A company of not own 3D printer, since these are currently still quite expensive, the order to an external provider can be issued. Here helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These are equipped printers with different 3 D, to establish the appropriate prototype for each customer. Because the 3D printers differ not only in terms of their price ranges, but also According to the used materials or dimensional accuracy of the 3D printing results. Hip from the printer even in the field of medicine and medical technology 3D is the 3D printing already arrived and is gaining more and more importance. Research on versatility.

So dental implant or implants could be printed in the future of titanium or other materials. Even on printers ' for whole organs such as the skin, ears or kidneys from real cells is investigated. Surgical instruments can be made already printers titanium using 3 D. Printing in 3D will be interesting in the future probably also great for households, depending on further development and marketing of 3D driven printers. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Then you can print purchased at home probably directly online or self-designed products such as tableware and jewelry. Entry-level DSLR models from simple 3D printers there is already less than 1000 euros to buy.

Springboard for innovation: the bionics-potential-check what we can learn from nature so a three-car of liter may be yes a miracle of consumption. But pales compared to a few grams of heavy Hummingbird, which can fly 800 kilometres non-stop, the performance of the engine technicians. And also the best winter tires looks old, it juxtaposes the bond strength of a polar bear paw. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala shows great expertise in this. No wonder, then, that today's designers in the face of many ingenious solutions into the brooding nature. Ask yourself the question: why not learn from nature? But how can such feats in the forms of organization or the principles of construction on the technology to be transferred? The bionics focuses on exactly that. No question: The nature can look not so easy in the cards. Whether businesses ways to find Bionic solutions for your own questions for the Saarland Innovationscluster bionic engineering network (BEN) now offers a special service: the bionics potential check is determined using multiple modules over how to implement the benefits of nature in a company.

The bionics check help there, where conventional technological lines of development more and more often the dead end. Modern industry injects such demagoguery today already often in nature: plants and animals are the great role models for new high-tech products. But also in smaller or medium-sized company it is possible using Bionic insights to save costs or to improve products", explains the head of the bionics cluster BEN, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber. Knowledge carriers are the experts network BEN from the most diverse areas of expertise available.

So the full business potential can be parsed with the bionics-potential-check. Technical innovations or organizational know-how - the nature provides almost always a solution to optimize. Another advantage: Because the products in accordance with the positive hour nature improved with bionics are developed, they are highly image-forming and bargaining strategic marketing a special appreciation. Get more background information with materials from Douglas Oberhelman. Potential offers work spying in the Kingdom of nature, emphasized Ralf Neumeier on November 13 at a lecture event launched by BEN in country hamlet speeches. The head of axial fan development of Ziehl Abegg AG faced the challenge to make quiet the fans produced by the company. Aerodynamic means there are no solutions we were more of a technical dilemma. We were forced to look beyond the horizon and there encountered the Bionics", recalls the engineer. And Neumeier: too bad - as we took on the issue, BEN was called not in life. We would have used otherwise certainly the bionics-potential-check". The Ziehl-Abegg AG is one of the leading international companies in the aeronautical, drive and control technology is worldwide with more than 1,300 employees and more than 30 offices and production facilities in over 30 countries. And Neumeier was now in the main factory in Kunzelsau Nature on the track: while aerodynamically generated noise in humans attention only relatively recently, such noise has meaning for the flight from OWL birds for millions of years. They are the birds with the lowest flight noise in the animal world. A completely new wing geometry developed using Bionic insights Ziehl-Abegg. The new generation of fan was used for the first time in the product novelty Owlet with OWL stands for the English word for OWL and let for winglet. Less than half as loud as its predecessor this new generation further fulfills the demand of users for low-noise performance and high efficiency. Of the heating and fan industry as product of the year 2007 "Owlet has been awarded, the absolute bestseller.

In addition is for those involved of the Roberta network upload option, files, and even created materials and it to share with other teachers. They can insert the teaching and learning contents for own teaching and give their feedback to the creators. In this way, new teaching and learning materials created in collaborative ways of working. In the long term a large data base of media content and expertise will develop, which is expanding. Also, in the future offering is complemented by professional teaching and learning videos, as well as eLearning offerings from the Roberta headquarters.

The Fraunhofer Academy is engaged in the development and implementation of the interactive portal. Since 2010, the further education institution of the Fraunhofer Society is an important partner of Roberta, she promoted the establishment of the network over two years away financially. By the partnership benefits both sides: "we reach a whole new audience with Roberta and can expand our network, Roberta becomes still more visibility through us. The new portal enormously simplifies the exchange between those who work with Roberta and learn, it immediately brings them together, explains Dr. RomanGotter, Director of the Fraunhofer Academy, the commitment. The Fraunhofer Academy is an institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which offers training in selected areas of technology in cooperation with selected and renowned partner universities and colleges.

Specialists and managers of external companies can benefit from the research activities of the Fraunhofer Institute in this way. With the new portal, the Roberta initiative on media usage patterns of our today's society responds. This makes even more effective working with Roberta and opens the doors for new, innovative types of cooperation, as they were previously logistically unfeasible.