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In the last friday (22.07.2011) we come across in them with a tragic notice in the whole world periodicals: an insane person, alucinado, terrorist, finish to kill seven people and to wound fifteen, in an explosion caused for a made artisan bomb with fertilizers and, about two hours later, to kill ten adolescents more than the shots in a next island to the capital, where an encampment promoted for the Norwegian Working Party happened, of center-left. One total did not enter the reached ones in the events, since many adolescents still can be disappeared, over all for the number of people who if had played in the water to run away from the shots, trying to swim about 600 meters, until the other edge, in the continent. According to stories of the survivors, the number of died can arrive the 30. Anders Behring Breivik, author of the attempted against ones, was a young of 32 years, and possua a company? supposedly dedicated to agriculture? that in the truth possua the main purpose to buy fertilizers (destined to manufacture caretaker of bombs), without raising suspicion of the fiscalization agencies and control of the Norway. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase & Co.. The profile of Anders already was of a militant wild extremista idealist, known for the Facebook and the Document, in, of the Norway, for the radicalidades presented in the postados materials, where it externava its hatred for the Jews and islamitas, demonstrating its ultranationalistic position. For it the Norway was democratic excessively when receiving people from other nationalities in its country, mainly the put in a home politicians. The maximum penalty in the Norway is of only 21 years of reclusion, being that, before the conviction, the defendant can have its intentionally temporary arrest. The justice of the Norway determined, yesterday (25.07.2011), the arrest of Anders, initially per four weeks in closed and incommunicable regimen (solitary cell, only with access to its lawyer) e, subsequent to this, more four weeks also in closed regimen, however with right the visits.. Hear from experts in the field like Alan Hoffmann for a more varied view.

He is this, we do not pass of consumers of an eager market of our attention, eager of our omission and lack of citizenship, eager of proper us. Our country has resources inexhaustible; our country has enough laws, has a Constitution considered with one of most advanced; we have still respectable civil representations. What in the lack it is the direction of having and acting citizen. Acting citizen is conscientious, responsible to act, no matter what, donates who to ache. If I have that to negotiate, for example, so that this text is published, already I would be leaving to fulfill my duty. If to gain a business we have that to violate the law, we leave of being a citizen of the good and pass, without interval, or mediation, for the other side; the side of the smart ones, the corrupt ones, unpunished and the prevaricadores. Not, I feel very, does not have term half; or if it is with Mamon - with it, opting to the greed and of the side of the Evil -, or if is to the side of the Good and the Beauty, and, therefore, with the things of God. There, well pra where all we are heading, is the place of the truth, does not have there as to negotiate lack of attitude, indifference, disrespect, omission.

There, pra where we are walking to each as, only has two lines, of that go up and that go down. There, our confrontation will be with we ourselves and will be our proper judges. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted as being for or against this. Ah, as it is difficult to live thus, somebody will murmur. It is difficult, it is crucial, he is painful; how many ' ' amigos' ' if they lose, quanta incompreenso if harvests, and, until, solitude. But, now, more than what never, it is absolutely necessary.

If each one of us at least that they had received the life more than to fulfill, nothing more than what, with our duty, our responsibility, our debt with the society, the world will be well better. Without needing to make nor to participate of reuniezinhas to argue problems, comissezinhas to evaluate useless calamities and responsibilities, walks, response of gracinhas for the Internet. It arrives. If each one will be responsible for the world piece where it circulates and it is responsible in the formation of its culture and the track of its customs, not to transigir and will have absolute notion of importance of its presence in the world, inexcusable things as landslides and as much other calamities, will be rarefied. Laws and norms will be fulfilled. We, the espertinhos are, of jeitinho Brazilian, the responsible ones for landslides.

Such displacements are made through vehicles, ways sustainable development transference and social participation in the planning, has controlled and evaluation of the politics of urban mobility; integration with the politics of use and control of the ground urban; diversity and complementaridade between services and ways of urban transports; mitigao of the ambient, social and economic costs; priorizao of the collective and not-motorized transport. A position change is perceived; now, instead of simply controlling the existing cultural patrimony, it searchs reflection on the patrimony, with the envolvement of the community for the identification and conservation of the existing patrimony. Transit: ' ' or descarga.' ' (Code of Brazilian Transit). The management of the transit is understood as the part of the management of transports that has the objective to assure the transit to all, as well as, the valuation of the life, the promotion, the incentive of actions that search the otimizao of the same. In the Premises in the Code of Brazilian Transit it is established that the cities ' ' They are, also, responsible for the management of the transit, receiving autonomy to act, as the necessary one. For the National Association of Transportes Pblicos (ANTP), ' ' the urban development and the politics of transport and transit must be worked in set, therefore they are on between si' '. Management of transit is the part of transport that has the objective to assure the transit to all, as well as the valuation of the life, the promotion and the incentive of actions that all search the otimizao of its process.

It consists of planning that makes possible the improvement of the system road of the city, guarantees mobility to the population and, consequentemente, it increases the quality in the security in the transit. (OLIVEIRA, Tatiana. Bigger S.; 2007 p 28 and 29). Beyond the signallings, the actions of transit management have as objective to improve the circulation in the ways, giving bigger security to its users (pedestrians and vehicles).