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Often those that are in the company of Multinivel or Network Marketing make this affirmation " Anyone can hacerlo" , you have listened to this? But this affirmation So certain what can be? Multinivel is so simple that it can do it to anyone? or It is that it is so difficult that only some are successful in this type of company? I can say that when saying " to you; Anyone can hacerlo" it is really a truth by halves, this must to that all that belong to a multilevel company are not equal. Each has different characteristics, some have abilities in sales, others in planning, others in marketing, others in leadership, etc. When one makes this declaration, " Anyone can do this negocio" , it is causing a great problem: It gives to understand that any person without concerning her present situation, can enter completely the business and of obtaining the same results that one that already has experience. When happening the time and to see that their results are not those that hoped finishes being discouraged and moving away of the company and is there where they begin to say what we already know " the multilevel is one estafa" , " only those that are above ganan" , " pirmide" is one; , etc. In recent months, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has been very successful. Although " the multilevel is for all, all are not for multinivel" , that we must very consider so that at the time of choosing to our equipment to say to them how they are the things so that soon they are not disappointed of the company. I hope that it serves this post to you and that you have learned something more on the multilevel If you have some doubt or commentary, only hzmela to arrive and by far taste I will respond to you..