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Today I come to tell some kindness to you of the program of aerobic resistance to improve and to prevent the backache with the Electroestimulacin. The majority of the pains the back, or is lumbar, average part or cervical, they come caused by a low muscular tension, that is to say, that a long time ago we did not exercise the zone we have and it totally relaxed. This causes that the muscles lose tone and tension and that some nerves are even clipped. That facilitates that the contracturas appear we waited for at least it (the majority of the times with the cold or the changes of station) that we have pinzamientos that reduce our mobility and that causes that we lose quality of life. First that I recommend to you it is that you remember the bad thing you are passing that it then. That you remember the backache and the discomfort that you are, and you write that it in a paper. That is the first step.

This paper, once recovered, will serve to you as motivation to realise maintenance and exercises of back during at least a pair of times per week. When you do not have desire of to make activities physical to take care of your back, like going to the gymnasium, making swimming, or to realise the electroestimulacin, throws a look to the paper that you wrote when as much pain you had, when you could almost not be moved of the backache that you felt. That will cause that the motivation blooms again in your life. It remembers that the best medicine is the preventive one. Once you the backache has gone away, first that we must do it is to create a electromusculacin routine. A day to the week you have ponerte the electroestimulador in the zone sore or prone to contracturar itself and to make a session of " resistance aerbica" Why " resistance aerbica"? Very simple. The muscles of the back are to a large extent of slow fibers.

They must work during long time to not very high intensity, of continuous way, like for example the lumbar ones. The program of " resistance aerbica" of ours compex, to cefar or globus works between 10 and 20 Hertz and to that frequency exercise slow fibers, giving them more resistance and helping them to be oxygenated better. The intensity to work the zone is the bearable principle, and the working time will be the one that marks the electroestimulador to you, preferably between 30 and 50 minutes. To the being a smooth exercise, we can realise it at the very end of the night for example, while we see our program of favorite television or while we are sailing by Internet. This way, using the electroestimulador once to the week you are going to be able to prevent those backaches that as much bother, you are going to be able to elevate the muscular tone and the resistance of the zone that you exercise, and are going to be able to oxygenate those muscles and the zone that you work, and so you will be avoiding that the next time that changes the time, or that lame a greater weight to the one than you are customary, you contracture the zone and you remain sore by at least one week.