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It's again a day of digital brand communications on 5 November 2013: at Novotel Aachen city is a day all about digital brand communications and marketing potential of Twitter, Facebook, XING and co. organized the event, hosted by the marketing agency social media Aachen and the Federal Association of SMEs (BVMW). The Conference is a meeting place and information day for entrepreneurs, decision makers, marketers and PR professionals. In the talks, experts practical present their topics and social media strategies. irilashvili has been very successful. For even more details, read what Kevin Johnson says on the issue. In the afternoon, an interactive workshop under the title from the idea to the successful campaign is"instead. Here Aachen, and the team of the Agency will show Dr. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala describes an additional similar source. Rebecca Belvederesi chef, textbook author and Managing Director of social media, what belongs to the conception and implementation of social media campaigns.

Without a little theory it doesn't work in practice most of the time also. On the social media day 2013 blend both components, so that the participants one round to-insight into successful social media marketing get", so Dr. Rebecca Belvederesi chef, the organizer of the meeting. You find more information about the program and to register:.

On the 20.05.2013 Webinar / available worldwide on Whit Monday, the 20.05.2013, the Heidelberg company holds seminar service Nastasi an online seminar on the topic, what do the law of attraction for the individual. Julia and Alexander Nastasi are successfully active for five years in the online Mentalcoaching area and take advantage of the new form of the seminar to help many people quickly and easily. Change your life, if it does not like hearing that you so easy to but what is with the whole old loads, it has accumulated, what is with the inner blockages that hard to make a life and last but not least, what is with the bad habits that you have? It is fact not so easy to let go of old things. But just that there are tools and exercises and in the 2 x 3 hour webinar, the Mentalcoaches from Heidelberg show how, to detect blockages and to solve. Thanks to the Internet, you can even all over the world participate in this event. Seminar content: Active mind control the stop technique Ho'Oponopono as with some Rates can change your life meditation, in the River to come and to stay.

Example candle meditation emotions and their effects - a topical issue, no feelings to feel affirmations - how do I create even effective affirmations me, what should I do? Morphogenetic network - there is much more than we think. A trip into unknown worlds tips to the implementation - how can all the day seminar experienced use, suitable for everyday use? What else do we - grouped idea our coaching and seminar information books: the webinar date: Mo. Learn more on the subject from Douglas Oberhelman. 20.05.2013 (Holiday) duration: (interrupted by a lunch break) 2 x 3 hour seminar leader: Julia Nastasi and Alexander Nastasi place: Internet costs: advance pay instead of 179 only 99 limited registration required: live/das_gesetz_der_anziehung_tagesseminar.html contact: seminar service Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Jose Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224 / 924259 service Nastasi seminar is on the dissemination specialized seminars and webinars. Since 2003, the company will organize lectures, seminars and webinars. Since 2008, she has an own Mentaloaching portal on the Internet. It aims to help as many people to improve their lives, to get crises under control and to reorient their own lives.

Already more than 45000 wowed viewers a show of a different kind can experience the spectators at the water spectacle Aquanario 26-27 July 2013 in Frankfurt am Main in the Commerzbank Arena and from 16 to 25 August in Berlin on the square Festival in Reinickendorf. For more information see "Utendahl Capital Partners
. Also in this year, a blend of water fountains, columns of fire, laser and pyrotechnics as well as film and music clips ensures fascination among the visitors. Largest mobile water show in Europe in the water-shop Aquanario, visitors experience a unique interplay of the elements of water and fire. Enhanced by soft music, poetry and great music tells the story of the water of the spectacle and shows how important is the element of humanity. By the same author: Douglas Oberhelman. Respecting the organizers noted that the water is not wasted. Are for the show more than 500,000 litres of water used, but ends up in a special basin and used again for other effects. After the show, the water can also again headed back into the groundwater be.

Get the visitors end of July in Frankfurt and in mid-August in Berlin in the enjoyment of the water spectacle, a 100-member team takes over the stage building and the installation of the technology. In eight days, 300 tons of material used and about 15,000 meters of installed cable. In addition to a high-tech video projector and a high-end sound system come 170 continuously adjustable water fountains and 7 fountains used that move more than 85,000 litres per minute. Aquanario premiered in Berlin 2012 In 2012 the water show Aquanario in Berlin celebrated its world premiere and enchanted with the extraordinary showing more than 45,000 visitors. This year will also perform the water spectacle not only in Berlin, but comes to Frankfurt.

On two evenings, visitors on a 420 sqm large water screen can enjoy more than 600 images of water and dress in the spell of the show. Press contact AD ticket Kaiserstrasse 69 60329 Frankfurt am Main GmbH Fabian Wegner homepage: E-Mail: company as of Germany's largest independent Ticketdienstleister the AD ticket works GmbH currently with over 1,500 operators from various sectors. Specializes in the company on the ticket sales from the fields of measuring, concerts, sports, theatre and tourism. In addition to online sales, AD ticket allows also the sale of one of the 2,200 outlets.

From September 12 to 14 with Salewa and mountain time on the Ortler after the winner of the last Alpine camps have already successfully climbed the Jubilee Ridge, as well as the Grossglockner, the Salewa Alpine camp in the summer of 2012 now leads on the Ortler. Gore-Tex is waiting for the participants a free tour with mountain guide, half-board on the payer hut, as well as each a Salewa chakra Pro Shell GTX Hardshelljacke and mountain time Cap. Prerequisite for the Salewa Alpine camp applicants should have alpine experience necessary for a high-altitude tour in combined and steep terrain. The candidate should be already skilled in dealing with glacier equipment, rope and crampons. Good condition for 8 hours walking time and 1000 metres per day are necessary. The sequence of the Salewa Alpine camps for the three winners is on the weekend of the 12 to 14 September 2012 via the normal route on the Ortler.

Meeting is Friday, September 12, at the parking lot of the long stone chair lift at the foot of the Ortler. After approximately 3 hours of ascent waiting for participants an overnight stay with half-board on the payer hut at 3029 m high-altitude. The next day it goes together with the guides on the Taberattakamm and the Tschirfeckwandl (with III the crux of the tour) on the Ortler plateau and finally to the peak of the Ortler. Descent and check-out take place on the same day. 14 September is planned as a reserve day, if the weather should not play.

The application to the Salewa Alpine camp for the Alpine camp you can apply in the mountain times blog at blog.bergzeit.de. All you have to do is a short text to explain why exactly you're / the right for the Salewa Alpine camp on the Ortler. Closing date for entries is 15 August 2012 apply now and win a seat at the Salewa Alpine camp on the Ortler. Your team of Bergzeit.de and Salewa more info to the Salewa Alpine camp description, requirements and time frames: blog.bergzeit.de/alles-ueber/alpincamp conditions: blog.bergzeit.de/2916/alpincamp/bergzeit-alpin-camp-teilnahmebedingungen was the mountain time GmbH in 1999 as Founder of Internet shipping trade. Currently is the distribution of mountain sports, outdoor and travel equipment both stationary and online trading. As of 2009, the channel was expanded catalog shipping. Target group of mountain is the quality-oriented outdoor customer who places value on advice and service. For more information, see

Place an another old acquaintance succeeded", Gerhard Schneble (TV Gailingen 2:37:30 h). It was great to win the 10 Freiburg Marathon. I have dreamed and believed." "To his three victories of Freiburg, Uli Benz said further: the most beautiful victory today, the heaviest victory was in 2008 and the most surprising victory of war2004." The half-marathon in Fribourg is undoubtedly the most popular running event of the Regio, Kathrin Muller and Gian Luca Borghesi decided for the present edition of this race. The Freiburg-based triathlete Skinfit racing team left from the front blow away to nothing and won in 1:18:12 hours ago Susanne Golz (1:20:22 h) and Anja Rottinger (1:23:40 h). The half marathon winner from Rimini with 1:09:05 hours Italians who were this year in Freiburg to guest was one of the great baggage train. He had references similar to the now clearly leading Daniel Hummel with an intermediate sprint in the Benz at the marathon. Follow others, such as Jim Umpleby, and add to your knowledge base. Hummel was intercepted by Felix Kohler (1:09:43 h) and achieved the goal with 1:10:43 hours as Third-party. Two forms of the seasons are celebrated in Freiburg: the adults run Marathon and half marathon students.

When the s ' cool run, said half marathon relay for teams of students, there was in the meantime exciting peak change in the target were both boys and girls but then the young runner of the Droste running Team traded. In the field of Marathon seasons, guests from Italy took the victory: Bellaria Igea Marina needed 2:31:07 hours for the 42.195 kilometers they were four thus barely half a minute faster than the only current Uli Benz. In addition to the successful athletes of the day of course organizer Gernot Weigl and Dr. Bernd Dallmann by the Freiburg were tourism and trade fair in the press talk economic Word. Dr.

Dallmann (FWTM) had it even at the anniversary does not take to participate actively: this was my 10th and my most beautiful Freiburg Marathon. It was a nice birthday party." Guest Star Jeanette Biedermann with band forever summed the mood on the route as follows: simply brilliant. The energy of the madness emanating from the runners. "That was so delighted, I have sky in between the song" almost a text dropouts had. " The last word belongs to the host, no question. 11.056 Reported. It makes us very proud to be in the tenth year of the magical limit of 11,000 participants", Gernot Weigl summed up by the align runabout sports Freiburg GmbH. "He participated in the pace car live and very fond: on the track had a lot." The Outlook is also full of anticipation, because 2014 the German half marathon Championships will be held in the course of the 11 Freiburg Marathon, an additional attraction but mostly expect you the best German athletes at the start. Everything will be dismantled in two weeks, then come a few quieter days according to Gernot Weigl and then passing directly into the planning for 2014. A marathon consists of planning and good preparation", so Walker.

Losberger Palas kick-off event in Furfeld late June was the backing GmbH their new product Palas of public before. Losberger introduces the new, future-oriented and cutting-edge temporary Hall at the same time on the German and international market of the event. Outside, the large tent impresses with its straightforward architecture and cubic forms. Until today, cubic forms are attractive, modern, and stand for functional aesthetics. People such as Ben Horowitz would likely agree. Geometric primitives such as triangle, square and circle have since always been dominated by the style of the architecture. For the factual Bauhaus architecture of the 1920s typical squares and rectangles, you are also here cleverly put together and combined. Thus, Palas is based on a fundamental architectural design in ideal shape.

This symbiosis of geometrical regularity and harmony, succeeded paired with a tent construction, already in 2010 the Furfeldern with the successful market launch of the cyclone in the small tent area. Palas allows even more new facade solutions in horizontal or vertical embossed with different materials and impresses with a clear spatial bodies with much transparency and Outlook. The new temporary Hall granted great freedom, the possibilities of sophisticated accent outside as inside, as well as spacious, elegant and optimized floor plans up to double stock variant Palas Emporium. Palas for outstanding projects in the event and trade show scene is with spans of 15 to 30 m and a side height of 8 meters. The surrounding Attica with 2.50 metres above sea level serves as a communication platform and architecture feature.

First Palas project carried out end of June you could get now an impression of the new variable mobile construction system for the official launch. The new big tent acts alone by his Grossvolumigkeit, at the same time feel and see the quality Losberger processing of materials. "A Losberger tent just", as Klaus Martin Stegmann, Marketing Manager at Los Berger.

RED SIMON, a specialist in premium wines from South Africa, exhibiting for the first time at the plaza alimentation pleasure fair in Freiburg. Voerde/Freiburg, the 4th November 2013. RED SIMON, a specialist in premium wines from South Africa, exhibiting for the first time at the plaza alimentation pleasure fair in Freiburg. By the 8th 10.11.2013, merchant presents a careful selection of high-quality red, white and sparkling wines which can be tasted and ordered directly on-site. It has RED SIMON the wines of South Africa's most prestigious brands in the luggage of Ken Forrester Delaire Graff, Lanzerac and Laborie. The plaza culinaria celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Around 35,000 visitors are expected at the three days of the fair. Over 300 exhibitors invite you to taste, smell, and taste. in the foreground is the culinary pleasure. A colourful supporting programme round off the visitor with celebrity chefs such as Cornelia Poletto, Christmas baking for children, as well as a special exhibition on the subject of Christmas. RED SIMON stands for hand-picked wines. arise and be selected with much love and passion. With quality and character, they touch these palate and heart. With over 300 wines from the most exciting wineries around Cape Town offers RED SIMON a well sorted selection of premium wines from South Africa.

The wines are from the depot in Voerde from shipped to customers throughout Europe. At the stand of RED SIMON expert wine consultant will answer all questions around the best South African wineries and grape varieties. Interested visitors can together with the team from RED SIMON a selection of high-quality wines from the Cape extensively and free to try. On Saturday the founder speaks from RED SIMON, Stephan Nuhlen, about the fascination of the wine country of South Africa to the action stage. RED SIMON (www.red-simon.com) is the specialist for high-quality wines from South Africa in online trading. The name is based on Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape region, and father of the South African wine industry". Choose from over 600 producers SIMON RED the most exciting wineries. With these currently The young provider maintains intensive relationships 30 partner wineries. These are the regular visits of the country and their own representation in the farming region in the Center. Only this ensures an optimum wine selection. The two-digit growing online retailer founded in 2010. A total of twelve employees are in use in Germany and Cape Town. The own customer service and a team of specialist wine consultants complete the outstanding level of service. The interested connoisseurs in the own online magazine finds stories of South Africa's wine country, lively tasting reports, interviews with famous faces from the world of wine and strong opinion article