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1. Create a new Photoshop document size of 800x800 pixels. Under most conditions More would agree. Fill the background black. 2. Choose the tool 'Custom Shape' (U) and choose a shape 'Radioactive': 3. With the tool 'Magic Wand' (W) allocate blade propeller. Pass into the Select => Modify => Contract: 4. Remove the selection (Delete).

The same thing we do with the rest of the blades and the core: 5. Then apply a number of styles that will give realichtichnosti our object: 6. Now let's give in movement of the propeller. 7. We put the opacity to 5% and make a duplicate layer (Ctrl + J). 8.

Opacity duplicate assign up to 10% and apply Edit => Transform => Rotate. Rotate the layer of approximately 3-5 * CCW: 9. Step number 8 we perform 5-6 times, provided each time adding transparency to 5% (15%, 20%, 25 %). The top layer put on 100% opacity: 10. In the end we apply a slight blurring of the layers 'movement', by applying Filter => Blur => Blur FIG: 11. Admire the work done so far: