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All organizational transformation begins with a personal change. In a 2008 outstanding group of professors and industralists they met in the Half Moon Bay, California, with the preoccupation to anticipate in the construction and compression of a new model of Management. The general opinion of the participants agreed in which the traditional model to manage the organizations was out of phase and in crisis In it is search of new alternatives, our intention is to contribute to him, some basic principles with which will be able to begin to re-invent their style of leadership. 1. The yield of its employees or equipment also depends on its relation with them. Each of us exists and it pronounces in a plot of bonds and expectations.

The following thing imagines: a group of students divided in two, the students of high potential (AP) on the one hand, and on the other hand those of low potential (BP), and professors to position whom they have perfectly identified that group. That he thinks that it will happen? Quickly the labellings as AP obtains excellent results and BP every time majors failures. What the professors do not know is that there is no such classification, the students with equivalent potentials were divided at random. Douglas Oberhelman often says this. This is a real experience and it is called: Pygmalin effect. During the last decades there have been hundreds of experiments of this type (Jussim, 1986; to see Rosenthal and Rubin 1978). What it shows this experience to us is that the human beings we are permeable to the projections of the other as much concerning performance as of self-esteem. He imagines the effects in his sector then, on the one hand the employees of high potential and on the other those that you already you know, or he creates, that they have under potential. How it is the relation that he establishes with everyone? That consequences it in the performance of people has? Clear that also there is a combination of variables so that the expectation takes shape, that is to say a consistent treatment with the expectations.

Expert Advisor is an Expert Adviser in the market of Forex. The Expert Advisor is automatic systems which have been programmed in the MQL-4 language and are created to conduct the operations of purchase and sale of automatic way in Forex, carrying out all the difficult processes like: to analyze the market in detail, to conduct sale and purchase the operations, to establish the levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss, and much more. The Expert Advisor of the platform of operations of Metatrader4 handles their own rules at the time of leaving and to enter the market of Forex. Thanks to the use of them, they help you to eliminate the emotions in Forex, since the emotions can hacerte conduct negative operations. And of course, they can more in detail carry out the calculations of Forex, since one as to be human always it can commit errors or some data can be escaped. Many types of Expert Advisor can be created, everything depends of which it is exactly the use that is wanted to give to him this program.

Some are created to be operating all the day, every day of the week. It is normal that professionals of forex, have their own expert advisor customized, they contract own programmers so that they make his expert to them advisor, thus to save long time in their TRADING. The goal of all the Expert Advisor is to gain the greater amount of possible money. In addition, an advantage to use Expert Advisor, is that within the programming the indicators can be included to carry out a better detailed calculation of how is the market stops of this form, to conduct better operations. The Expert Advisor without place to doubt is a great tool that you can avoid great frustrations and hours of suffering, thanks to the fact that they take into account hundreds and thousands from possibilities at a same moment, to decide exactly that it is the best thing than it is possible to be made at the present time abrir operations.