The Pros And Cons Of E-business Internet

'Own Business', 'business on the Internet': Sounds great, does not it? What associations do you have for these words? 1. No boss breathing down your neck 2. No graphics from which you can not get out 3. Doing only that which likes 4. When I want, then work 5. Family always close it everything you can imagine when thinking about their own e-business? If so, then you will have to drastically change their views and remove ochki.Net pink, all the above is true. The only problem is that all these 'pros' have a downside, which you also have to face. Let's look at it all the more podrobno.1.

One of the the benefits of implementing your own business is that you have no need to report to his superiors. But this moment has a downside: if something goes wrong, you have no one correct and not tells how and what to do. Therefore, you should be able to realistically assess risks and predict them. If stability and security for you is much more preferable, it is worth thinking about how true Does your vybor.2. No one is above you when you run your business, and therefore nobody would you customized.

You should be able to independently provide the required motivation and, where necessary, force yourself to do that do not really .3. You must be purposefully directed towards achieving success in your business. It is very important to draw a clear line between devotion and enthusiasm. If the business for you - no more than hobby, at one point you lose interest in him (especially when failures are inevitable at first) and all your efforts turn to ashes.