The Tenth I KNOW Bridges The Gap In The United States

I KNOW'10 press release Graz, 25 March: Austria's competence center for knowledge management, as well as the Institute for knowledge management, the organizers of the I-KNOW, the know-Center of Graz University appreciate the commitments made by three renowned both in the United States. This year we want to increase the visibility of our meeting in the United States. For this purpose we invite renowned experts and experts from the United States and try to draw attention to the associated research groups on us\", as Prof. Tochtermann, head of the know-Center Graz. Marti A. Hearst (UC Berkeley, United States), Yolanda Gil (University of Southern California, United States) and Peter A. Gloor (MIT, United States) the I-KNOW with cutting-edge trends from research to enrich.

The future of search engines becomes an indispensable tool in everyday life for more and more people use search engines like Google. Marti A. Hearst takes in her presentation the search engine landscape extensively under the magnifying glass. You presents new ideas and trends and derives the Search engine market in the future will be marked. In the context of the current dispute between Google and China, a highly charged issue is addressed here. Collaboration on innovative networks Peter A. Gloor, granted in his keynote speech\"insight into his recent book on the subject of collaborative networks.

Through such collaborative innovative networks, productivity should be increased from Wissensarbeiter(n)innen in organizations. These networks create a structure which promotes creativity and the smooth exchange of ideas. The rapidly increasing number of ideas competitions on the Internet underscores the importance of this issue. The influence of the Semantic Web, Yolanda Gil, shows how statements about the quality of the information, as well as the origin of the information can be made in the use of the rapidly growing number of information sources on the Internet thanks to semantic technologies. That this is a charged issue, the Spiegel Online had experienced last year: so was the renowned leading medium for the collection of all given name of the former \"German economy Minister to Gutenberg become victims of false information from the Internet, by it him the additional and not correct given name William\" ordered to.