Tillmann Spohr

The stories, for example through the Zappos in the Internet are circulating, contribute to its enormous success. Starbucks will not settle for partial explanations. Many companies would however only insufficiently focused on the Web community. To gain real fans, companies would have to offer their customers a way to participate. Facebook is the best platform for it then. The plastics should however seriously the invitation to dialogue and learn to tolerate criticism. Filth swim past leave blank according to the motto"you must do not respond however to any criticism. The practice shows that many marketing and product managers bring products to the market under time pressure, without to involve clients in the development process. In the financial crisis, for example, very much confidence among investors has been destroyed, because the products while promised in the short term very high return on the financial institutions, but were not the long-term objectives of the investors for capital preservation", explain Tillmann Spohr, former customer client officer of the credit Swiss.

To regain confidence, we must concentrate on that, what the Customer experience is crucial: advice and support. To achieve success, customers should be involved at an early stage in the development of the service. Trust can be built only through reliable action along the important touchpoints. This true customer insights are essential to initiate processes of change and a consistent tracking required to promote continuous improvement. All telecommunications companies should embrace this maxim in the year of the World Championship, so that also your fan curve grows", says Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Congress of Voice days plus and the smart service initiative.

After experiences of Peter B. Zaboji, Chairman of the after sales specialists Bitronic, is lacking in many service occupations in an intelligent and productive organization of work processes. There are many good specialists who deal with activities, that contribute nothing to the value customer service. So there are field, up to 30 percent of their time to spend unnecessary administrative tasks instead to visit customers. Something is harmful to productivity and quality in the service, it is also counterproductive for the motivation of the staff", so Zaboji. For smarter working in the service economy there is still a lot of air after above.