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Outsourcing or transfer of service functions to third-party IT organizations in terms of progressing the crisis remains one of the most stable areas of the IT industry. While growth in other areas of IT business gradually slows down, the IT outsourcing shows a steady growth. Although large and medium customers continue to avoid the habit of such services relying on older methods of doing business, the company fine businesses and individual entrepreneurs are having a more flexible business are beginning to use this type of IT management. Let us consider the main benefits of IT Outsourcing: HR's independence, transparency and handling services, security (most leaks are caused by internal rather than external contractors). Comparing the cost of the services of internal IT personnel and outsourcing professionals, companies rarely take into account the cost of training of its specialists, as well as the necessary knowledge to meet the needs of IT services: even in a small company uses many specific applications that one person in everyone just can not understand, and more wasteful of staff for the company. In a crisis, customers have reduced internal IT staff.

Compression leads to what is left of specialists who could adequately solve the problem. On the other hand the abundance of free IT professionals in the market gradually reduces the value offered by autsorsinogvyh services. All this only drives demand for IT outsourcers. IT Directions Outsourcing is now an IT outsourcing market has shared in several segments, depending on the degree of integration into the customer's business: Comprehensive services throughout the customer's IT infrastructure - still a rarity in Russia. Service jobs - in principle the service "system administrator for a day": it is most often used by small companies. Maintenance of certain services - business applications, server rooms, telecommunication equipment, etc. Usually this kind of work take on those services and they instilled.

Today the number of merchants listed on the online auction site ebay has exceeded 250 million. Among them are representatives of large companies that sell their own products in large lots, and individuals wishing to get rid of the contents of the old attic. To classify as a variegated crowd of traders on ebay all the vendors are divided into three categories. The first category includes those who regularly trades of household items, selling books inherited by succession or boring hours. The second category is referred to as the sellers PowerSeller - permanent sellers ebay.

Get a PowerSeller status is not difficult, it is enough for three months to implement ebay auction item to a thousand dollars, while receiving positive reviews. Becoming PowerSeller a number of advantages over other sellers: they are a matter of priority may appeal to the customer service, have own logo. But the main advantage PowerSeller - this is, of course, the consumer confidence. After receiving the status of PowerSeller, must also be able to keep it, that is to have regular sales. If sales is not a month administration ebay auction status will select. But as a rule, PowerSeller - these are people for whom the Internet commerce is not a hobby, but a source of income. They have already decided on its niche on ebay auction and working in it, keeping the title of a permanent vendor. Elite auction ebay - it GoldSeller, a third category of sellers, people who have achieved significant success in this type of business and made it their principal occupation. The status of "gold seller" are major retailers, auction houses and the usual shops, decided to expand the zone of influence online. Typically, this category does not include sales at auction, they exhibit their products at fixed prices that are very attractive especially eager buyers on ebay.