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Each traveler is given a unique opportunity to combine a comfortable vacation in Greece on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and excellent hotels, distinguished service of higher European level, and familiarity with millennial historical monuments. That is why a vacation in Greece tourists from around the world are willing to pay high prices. However, it should be noted that financial crisis makes its adjustments to the pricing policy of tour operators that offer holidays in Greece in 2010. Therefore, vacation in Greece in 2010 became even more affordable, compared to previous years. Greece - a country picturesque mountains, warm seas and a variety of beautiful islands.

The Islands of Greece, as well as the rest of Greece, in its mainland, provides a wonderful combination of modern luxury and beach holidays with opportunity to plunge into the depths of history - a time when human civilization in its infancy. For any tourist holiday islands in Greece, such as Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and other islands remain one of the most bright and unforgettable impressions. Holidays in Greece gives visitors the opportunity to visit the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Palace of King Minos, Palace of Achilles and many other unique ancient monuments. CLIMATE: Subtropical Mediterranean - hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. In the north, winter is colder. In the year of 300-310 days of sunshine. Summer in Athens can be very hot, while in the islands is not so hot there. Import foreign currency is unlimited (over 2,500 USD must be declared for subsequent export), export of previously imported foreign currency is allowed within one year from date of entry.