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" If not identical - so it's different nations. All the more so as a result of the same studies, the number of genes that differ from each other inhabitants of the British Isles, is huge - the Scots, for example, generally 30%. Second, the genetic identity of the imaginary opposed ethnic originality of each nation. It is known fact that a complete identity, for example, two twins separated in childhood and reared in different cultures, 'ethnic' differences will simply go off-scale, removing, for an outsider's eyes, any suspicion that these two people - relatives. Ethnicity is proving to be very superficial factor in bringing people together - for belonging to it is required, by definition, only a consciousness of belonging to, territory, language and cultural attributes. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Starbucks on most websites. Film surface tension, no more. A little swing flask - and gush. And yet we in this whole situation foggy British interested in something else, namely that (repeat) they do not have anything in common and so very proud.

This theme is really why the differences between us for us - a source of pride. That is what animates our 'I', giving him props in a period of doubt and the elixir of growth in hours of insight. We emphasize the moment we are not just different. We just kind of a nervous need to seek out other more and more striking differences from the scale of their own, or we have adopted the social values of these differences to blind themselves. That is the blind themselves.

In the last friday (22.07.2011) we come across in them with a tragic notice in the whole world periodicals: an insane person, alucinado, terrorist, finish to kill seven people and to wound fifteen, in an explosion caused for a made artisan bomb with fertilizers and, about two hours later, to kill ten adolescents more than the shots in a next island to the capital, where an encampment promoted for the Norwegian Working Party happened, of center-left. One total did not enter the reached ones in the events, since many adolescents still can be disappeared, over all for the number of people who if had played in the water to run away from the shots, trying to swim about 600 meters, until the other edge, in the continent. According to stories of the survivors, the number of died can arrive the 30. Anders Behring Breivik, author of the attempted against ones, was a young of 32 years, and possua a company? supposedly dedicated to agriculture? that in the truth possua the main purpose to buy fertilizers (destined to manufacture caretaker of bombs), without raising suspicion of the fiscalization agencies and control of the Norway. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase & Co.. The profile of Anders already was of a militant wild extremista idealist, known for the Facebook and the Document, in, of the Norway, for the radicalidades presented in the postados materials, where it externava its hatred for the Jews and islamitas, demonstrating its ultranationalistic position. For it the Norway was democratic excessively when receiving people from other nationalities in its country, mainly the put in a home politicians. The maximum penalty in the Norway is of only 21 years of reclusion, being that, before the conviction, the defendant can have its intentionally temporary arrest. The justice of the Norway determined, yesterday (25.07.2011), the arrest of Anders, initially per four weeks in closed and incommunicable regimen (solitary cell, only with access to its lawyer) e, subsequent to this, more four weeks also in closed regimen, however with right the visits..