Reasonable Price

Who would have thought that the old stuff that was lying in the attic of the house of your grandmother, in fact - the present gold reserve, your way of getting their first-earned money on ebay auction! And it's not a joke! Souvenirs, reminders of the former Soviet Union and the various "national" products, like dolls, wooden spoons and china painted with enjoying the incredible demand from foreigners at an auction ebay! Especially like to buy communist memorabilia Americans! We can only guess what they do with the Communist Youth League icon and pioneer ties! And sometimes it seems that foreigners on purchased goods are studying our history! Otherwise, what else explain the fact that in the first place leave items with the "history". Enough to come up with a beautiful legend of the goods (for example, that in this cap Lenin himself out in the armored car, and you got it by inheritance from the very Hope Constantinovna) goods to be literally "flew" in the first minutes of trading for the bank. Problems with the choice of goods, thus, does not arise. To read more click here: Charles Kushner. Enough to dig into old things, in extreme cases, go to the flea market and dial "rarities" for a penny grandmothers. The only thing that you should not try to sell - a Soviet Photographic equipment - "Zenith" and "FEDy.

At one time they were very popular among foreigners, and our enterprising merchants literally inundated auction cameras. There has been a glut in the market, and now no one takes the optics. But quickly diverge badges, medals, ancient statues and busts of the leaders. Now we need to - take a camera to capture product and provide all necessary information about it to your facilitator, the representative on ebay (a description of the lot, as will be delivery, the goods will be sold at auction or fixed price). As soon as the buyer will found you on the news and will help to formalize a deal. You will only get your money for a seemingly nobody wanted the trash!