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Modern household appliances on the market in a wide variety. Currently, washing machines, dishwashers and other machines are not only functional and reliable device, but also represent excellent furniture accessories for kitchens, bathrooms or other facilities. Often before the users of home appliances question - what appliances preferably recessed or solo? According to statistical data is currently the most popular built-in appliances, which allows owners of residential units to translate into reality the most unexpected designs. In fact, built neither in no way inferior to household appliances solo. Among the obvious advantages of built-in appliances such advantages as increased hygiene, portability, compatibility with the surrounding interior, hidden wires and others. Naturally, the technique is also plenty of solo merits.

First, this technique is easy to transport from place to place, without disrupting the interior. Secondly, the instruments solos easy to care for, since access to all their inorganic parts. And yet, despite the merits of household appliances solo, built-in appliances at a premium from consumers. Such appliances requires a serious and competent organization of kitchen space, bathroom or other space. Choosing the built-in appliances, users are able to not only save space but also to rid themselves of debilitating noise, as well as headaches from vibration devices at work. Installing the built-in appliances is made in a special way. In some cases, using special panels for noise and sound insulation. In addition, the installation process embedded technology used and the system regulatory instruments legs, not allowing technology fluctuate and vibrate during operation. Naturally, the installation of built-in appliances in most cases requires the participation and assistance of experts and, therefore, unnecessary expense. Despite this, experts argue that the involvement of professionals - a prerequisite for further efficient built-in appliances (excluding floods and Gulf neighbors, destruction of kitchen furniture or interior bathroom, serious breakdowns of household appliances).