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I am my first one and main problem to get to be to trader professional, use the best tools of taught analyses by which he is possibly the best professor of market procases out and to order flow in Spanish, trader professional Jon Sopelana and already I am realizing that the fight of trader is against itself, not against the markets. Everybody that forms in the world of the stock-exchange speculation, later or more early will get to dominate the theory and that is to say what must make to make money to the markets, that is not the problem, the truly difficult thing is to control your impulses and to always do the same, without beginning to think that it is more intelligent than the market and beginning to play in stock market instead of operate in stock market. In your formation they would comment to you as they are the most common errors that all the than invests in markets commits. You would swear and perjure that you will not do them, you equivocations, all we must walk our own way single, to face us the same situation and comerte errors to learn. If you are not able to learn of your own failures your future in the world of the TRADING is than doubtful more. What you need to prevail in the world of the TRADING? The great intelligence? It is not necessary, is necessary to use the best tools of analysis of markets, a formation distributed by trader of success demonstrates that you that it is possible to make money, in my case Jon Sopelana, and mainly your personal capacities, that can be reduced to three, the self-criticism, the patience and the certainty, thus you will only live on the TRADING, of another way, you would play stock market with great possibilities of losing your money. The author of this article has begun his race like trader professional under the supervision and direction of the expert in Market Profile, Order Flow and analysis of markets Jon Sopelana