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In this area, the increasingly used standard is the ISO 9001 standard. Universities can support in this model, where once and for all the University authorities entrusted with the management, operation of the universities, should be very vigilant of effective management systems that ensure excellence and therefore require a series of methods and tools that allow to analyze and solve problems, to implement measures of qualitymake comparisons with other organizations, redesign processes or any other action of the institution, allowing them to avante out of the current crisis is facing and retrieve academic excellence. In pro of your achievement, you can use the benchmarketing, tool that is based on an analysis from agents external to the Organization itself. Its application is usually used to establish comparisons with best practices carried out by competition, although you can also use internally, to analyze units or processes of the Organization itself. It is not literally copy the procedures of the units analysed but the study of other processes to learn and improve their own. It should be noted, that the application of the EFQM model, has been done in universities with considerable success, as provides it the antecedent of the UCAM, is the first University in Spain to obtain the seal of quality European EFQM for your general services the EFQM European quality seal recognition process began already in October 2005 with the aim of devising a Plan of action focused on three fundamental aspects: Perform actions to improve satisfaction of the University community. -Work on the definition of indicators that make it possible to analyze the management. -Training of all personnel in the quality in the final evaluation of the audit, has emphasized the commitment of the UCAM with quality, the approach to the customer as well as the training and sensitization of their personnel.

This event is the result of the work that has been developing in the field of quality this University since its inception. UNED of Tudela, received the European quality seal EFQM 400, as well as the University of Seville. The program graduate of management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate Area of Faces, in the present, it has been proposed through a gradoque thesis is that developing apply the EFQM model, in order to guarantee a good service, ensure quality assurance involving the comparison between a particular product or service and a standardpreviously defined, that establishes the criteria to qualify the quality of such good or service, and have a good program to ensure academic excellence. In this area increasingly used standard is the ISO 9001 standard specifically. Assess the current reality of the functioning of the program in all its phases and transformations needed to achieve the academic excellence of the program will be made.

It will enable the correct execution of the actions planned for each service. whose aim is to obtain and analyse information that allows us to know the situation of the services of the University of Carabobo as regards the criteria of the excellence model, emphasizing its Area of postgraduate, specifically the Faces. Detailed planning of actions to be performed by each service will be made and will include recommendations regarding areas which intervene as a priority. We will analyze also the weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths that the program currently has in relation to its services and academic excellence. Original author and source of the article.