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This is something that must be recorded in his notes to see how research and beginning 30 days after achieving establish facts around it, which people are involved, who are the suspects, because they acted like that (mobile), etc. Therefore, if the investigation of a fact, beginning in a way, in case you need to restart from a different angle. Ben Horowitz: the source for more info. If we begin to investigate the people involved, maybe better restart researching the places where ye came to interrogate, interview witnesses and potential witnesses. Witnesses are often more effective to get information, that the protagonists of the facts. Sometimes neighbors witness an act not want to work with information, turn out to be more effective and give information, key data to understand if there is a conspiracy, a cover-up or complicity on the part of witnesses and / or actors of a fact . e) Considerable physical and mental vitality daily practice of sport, physical training is important, jogging, climbing stairs, exercising to strengthen the arms, legs, chest muscles, lower abdomen is important.

Private detectives often travel long distances foot as suspects. Sometimes they have to be standing long hours waiting out a suspect in a bar., Local, etc.. A detective also seen in situations where it is discovered and chased through the streets, forcing him to run, jump fences, fences, stair climbing, jumping through the roof in his escape from a group of criminals paid by the people it is investigating . Detectives are also at risk because they are not well regarded by those who are monitored, investigated. .