Simulation Games Based On Reality

At a time when organizations look to optimize the resources of "intellectual capital" of its members, the implementation of proper training tools, training and professional development is essential to show the changes that confront us predict the future. It is in this chaotic and changing environment, where simulation games prove to be a good solution for those responsible for Human Resources. Simulate reality, or what would be the same, simulation games based business actually point the best solution for an ongoing process of revision, remodeling, and reformulation of the capabilities and needs required. Just as reality changes, the company changes, the game simulation of reality must adapt to these changes. 1 .- Introduction 2 .- Concept of business simulation game 3 .- What type of business simulation available? 4 .- What characteristics should play a simulation game for multifunctional use? 5 .- The simulations company are the ideal way to overcome barriers to learning 6 .- Where is the game, reality simulation, optimal? 7 .- 8 .- Information of interest References used simulation games based on reality, organizational development tool. 1 .- Introduction In an unstoppable process of study and research, in the direction of an exponential improvement, use of the capacities of individual human beings, who make up our organizations. In an environment in which a good part of the lexicon recently incorporated, mentoring, coaching, "knowledge management", "e-learning", "intellectual capital", etc. primary aim, channel or improve the implementation of what people "know" - you know, not knowing, of wisdom, not knowledge - it seems clear that there is widespread agreement that the processes of learning and improvement must pass to incorporate the different experiences and assimilate them as one's own life habits, so that the skills necessary for the performance of the various functions of the post that deals in the Organization, are natural and proper to the individual. . (Not to be confused with Innovar !).