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It usually accompanies the procedure lubrication mechanisms of the printer. Clean the device should produce about 1 per month, if the printer is used for more or less regular print. First, you must carefully inspect the unit to see if any obvious damage (cracks, scratches). Next is to get rid of paper in the device. To begin to clean the exterior and the printer tray. It can simply be wiped with a damp cloth and if necessary, can be used various detergents (liquid soap, and tools that are used for washing dishes). Not recommended for wiping body fluids containing solvents, as this may harm the device. Except this, you should avoid contact with large amounts of water to the printer as it can seep into the mechanism and cause him irreparable harm.

Then you can start cleaning the inside of the printer. For This procedure is best to use a compressor, but if there is none, the ordinary vacuum cleaner. True, it is better to wear a thin pre-and soft tip. Blowing dust from the "insides" printer still not fully removes dirt particles. If necessary, enter the place where the vacuum is not reached, it is better to use a brush, which easily smahnet dust residues from hard to reach places. The worst enemy of the guide shaft Printer Carriage - dust inconspicuous to the human eye, and harmless-looking dust can, however, cause substantial damage to the print device. That dust is often the cause of failure of many parts printer.