The Point

the desverticalizao is an interesting action and that it comes recently being used in the electric sector in Brazil, that it aims at to promote some ' ' concorrncia' ' in determined points of the productive chain of determined product. In the case of the electric energy, over all in the generation of energy. With this, at least part of the chain of the product if it would approach way market of the point of maximum economic efficiency. Therefore, the regulatory governana is of extreme importance for the infrastructure sector, and, consequently, for the electric sector. However, little has been studied on other inherent subjects to the subject, over all to that long ago they were said intangible. It is the case of the ambient externalidades of the energy sector that we will treat to follow. 3EXTERNALIDADES AND ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY a clean energy (alternative or of sources you renewed), can be more expensive and exactly thus to bring greaters benefits to the society and the set of the economy. We can say that the economic efficiency of a market can influence negative in the general balance, and with the global conscience of the importance of the ambient preservation, factors before ignored in the calculation of efficient market must be incorporated the costs and the profits.

The electric energy today is considered the basic service of bigger universality in Brazil. About 95% of the Brazilian population they have access to the electric net, being 99% of the cities. Of these, 85% are consuming residential (ANEEL, 2008). With a population of about 190 million people, these data in give the dimension to them of the challenge of the management of the electric sector. The electric matrix of Brazil is composed for great plants thermoelectrial hydroelectric plants, plants, two nuclear plants, isolated PCHs, and some units of alternative energies (solar, aeolian, hydrogen, etc).