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Can not claim for sure, but all the same type of confidence and say that most business executives, heads of sales, marketing department managers faced with the concept of management Customer Relationship (CRM - Custom Relationship Management), but still has the baggage of unresolved issues with regard to it. Various sources are full of definitions of this concept, which she attributed not only that, ultimately, confuses the reader even more strongly. What this concept actually is? The study of this issue for three years at least greatly confused me. But interestingly, the answers to your questions were just still in the very same sources that as it may seem at the beginning, and have no relation to this matter. So, studying the philosophy of China (5th century BC), I ran into the following interesting facts. Eloquent Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu advocated a management model that places emphasis on obedience, rules-cost savings of collectivism.

Defend these views in our time not even worth it, everyone thinks about their own benefit, forgetting about their opponents. However, in those days there was a reason for controversy. Mo did not agree with the more recognized authority - Confucius, which blunt the motivation and a strong arm does not really believe. And he believed in jun zi - Noble husbands who want to virtue, and not to the benefit of that - the way a person low. "When a noble man sees opportunity to profit, he thinks of righteousness" - Confucius said. I, for one can see the origins of the current corporate codes of ethics (which directly relates to CRM). The essence of business ethics is probably to seek the most beautiful, harmonious, fair decision, and not economically advantageous. Unfortunately, such ideas are not popular. But for those who watched the case from a particular competitor abruptly went up the hill, I advise you to think, is not the philosophy of your company's personal gain. For its part, will be glad to offer you a free version CRM-software Quick Sales and himself as a consultant in the field of CRM.