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Fill the meaning of each work day. Today, employees need more than just a job. They want to be involved in what is going to help the company survive. Managers need to clearly assign responsibilities to encourage personnel on significant results. When a person is bored at work, or has no clear vision of their goals, their motivation is reduced, and most importantly - lost the very purpose of the work.

He ceases to understand how the result his daily work affects the development of the company. Therefore, we must correct accents on the responsibilities of the staff, give meaning to their daily work. Only then can they understand what is They specifically want and feel involved in solving complex organizational problems. In addition, do not forget about the development and training of staff within the company. People need to feel good professionals, so you need to give them an opportunity to improve skills and demonstrate all their skills and talents. The desire to remain with the company is when you realize that it you work comfortably in all senses. Contact information is here: Douglas Oberhelman. Notice all the achievements and do not be stingy with praise.

Not even a particularly outstanding achievement to notice and encourage. People want to work particularly well and achieve significant results when they feel accepted. More often all, people do appreciate the spontaneous approval than the official praise. Recognition - motivation. For some, it should be public, and for some - hidden from prying eyes. Think of the various options with awards for staff in your company. You do not necessarily go to the dogs and spend budget. For example, you simply release the officer distinguished himself early from work, or give him a day off. Permanent coaching. Control method according to the principle 'I mean, what do you do' hardly will affect even in difficult times. Allow people to continue to experiment and make mistakes sometimes. Learn from mistakes, but because they need to take as an integral part of any experiment. Let them continue to grow within the company - and they will be more creative, not afraid to take responsibility in solving various issues. Create an atmosphere mentoring support within the company, each employee can bring to the learning process and coaching that something. The result can exceed expectations, and you will save on attracting foreign coach. In addition, you are can act as a coach: to adjust the activities of employees, providing them with information about what you should pay attention to work primarily as the reach and improve the results. This will allow you not only wage employees in the right direction, but also give an opportunity once again to take care of them, to show that you care about their future as professionals. Keep what you have. Last, but perhaps the most important advice combining all the above. Trusting and open relationship with the staff of the company and creating an atmosphere of support and mentoring within the team focus on each employee's key objectives and significance of their work can help withstand the tough times and keep key employees.

But requires from the "hunter" a good knowledge of business altogether, the company's market-client's particular life experience and exceptional communication skills. Not by chance the average age of Western headhunters - 40-45 years, our - 35-40. Classy headhunter - is an analyst and negotiator for the actor rolled into one. Professional recruiter will always find a path to his goal - the right candidates. Initially will have access to the ear, then to reason, then - to the heart.

There are dozens of options (legend), Released on the "game" only if it is not in an iron cage for the armored door. Secrets of the profession here I am, of course, will not disclose. The first phase of headhunting - the exact formulation of the problem and sharing with customer description of the "ideal candidate". The second phase - business intelligence. Headhunter companies exploring a particular market, where they can "voditsya" the right experts to generate a list of enterprises, the "donors", which is the customer for clarification. The list of victims is corrected and then begins the actual "hunt" for the right people: headhunter calculates their names, phone numbers and contact sets.

After some time, is a pool of 2-3-4 the best candidates, which may be of interest to the customer. Here begins the most important - the process of negotiations and the "peremotivatsii." After convincing the right candidate to go to the customer, work for a headhunter does not end there. He required to maintain contact between the parties during the year, to settle possible conflicts, to help the beginner to adapt to the new location.