The Customer

But requires from the "hunter" a good knowledge of business altogether, the company's market-client's particular life experience and exceptional communication skills. Not by chance the average age of Western headhunters - 40-45 years, our - 35-40. Classy headhunter - is an analyst and negotiator for the actor rolled into one. Professional recruiter will always find a path to his goal - the right candidates. Initially will have access to the ear, then to reason, then - to the heart.

There are dozens of options (legend), Released on the "game" only if it is not in an iron cage for the armored door. Secrets of the profession here I am, of course, will not disclose. The first phase of headhunting - the exact formulation of the problem and sharing with customer description of the "ideal candidate". The second phase - business intelligence. Headhunter companies exploring a particular market, where they can "voditsya" the right experts to generate a list of enterprises, the "donors", which is the customer for clarification. The list of victims is corrected and then begins the actual "hunt" for the right people: headhunter calculates their names, phone numbers and contact sets.

After some time, is a pool of 2-3-4 the best candidates, which may be of interest to the customer. Here begins the most important - the process of negotiations and the "peremotivatsii." After convincing the right candidate to go to the customer, work for a headhunter does not end there. He required to maintain contact between the parties during the year, to settle possible conflicts, to help the beginner to adapt to the new location.