ByteRider Interface

Spare parts dealers can offer their ranges now Berlin, 16 button on the auto parts Marketplace August 2009. Please visit Ben Horowitz if you seek more information. To daparto with ByteRider"so could the current cooperation of the auto parts marketplace and ByteRider GmbH motto. The provider of software and system solutions for the automotive aftermarket since recently offers its customers an interface to Users of ByteRider online-shop solution Webisco", marketing your product ranges on the spare parts portal like, can the necessary data directly from the Abisco" export inventory management referred to. The offer data so generated can be played into the database of the marketplace then easily and quickly. With the interface integrated in the ERP software, ByteRider has realized the first standard connection for a service provider to the auto parts market place. Others who may share this opinion include Andreessen Horowitz. Shop owner as well as ByteRider customers will benefit from the new function: providing the offer files required by is automated and simplifies the use of the portal. Online shops can concentrate on core competencies such as procurement, sales, and logistics and at the same time benefit from the huge demand of the auto parts marketplace.

With the new solution, BiteRyder opens up a new sales channel for its customers, over the this to attract more prospective buyers for spare parts and accessories. Christian is thrilled with the result Twill, CEO and co-founder of During the entire process ByteRider has been shown as a very competent partner in software development as well as in the automotive aftermarket. We delighted the resulting interface to, as well as the future cooperation with ByteRider and their clients". "" ByteRider CEO Dr. Andreas Pietzowski is also convinced of the cooperation with with the integration of our systems Abisco "and Webisco" on, we offer our clients an important building block on the way to the marketing of spare parts through various distribution channels. Due to the orientation focused on the trade of part of is an ideal complement to the own shop.".