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The debate restored in the PSOL concerning the electoral campaign of 2010 sends in them to the necessity to launch the name of PROFESSOR CARDOZO as our daily pay candidate the REPRESENTATIVE for the reasons that vocs summer soon below and to revisit some debates. In contrast of what many fraselogos of left affirm on the residual or practically propagandistic character of the participation of the revolutionaries in the elections, the conquest of the universal suffrage and the possibility of the laboring parties to be presented, were greeted by Engels 1, as privileged tactics, in special in what it was mentioned to the activity of the German Social democrat Party: THE IIMMOBILISM OF THE EDUCATION, THE SKEPTICISM AND ISOLATION VOLUTRIO OF THE PROFESSORS. Although the treason of the group of benches of members of the house of representatives in the national congress who if say defenders of the education in the approval of the national floor of the Brazilian professors, a irrisrio floor from R$ 1,200, 00, since the great maiorias that work 40 hours, already receive much more that this. (The National Congress finished to approve for absolute majority, a floor of R$ 3,500, 00, for the policemen that says of ticket, they deserve, but, because the professor was not contemplated a floor similar), These members of the house of representatives search to subestimar our intelligence and if defenders of our cause say, but, in the practical one, they are only worried about its status quo (mandates), being that great part of them is not professors and they do not act in the education (Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal) are good examples in the Bahia here, of these parliamentarians whom, if they use of the education to be chosen, but, in the practical one, it does not have any I tie with the education.. Caterpillar Inc. will not settle for partial explanations.

Afraid this is not necessary, it is worth change the old principles to the management of his company in the Czech Republic, and most, going to the emigration procedures in the Czech Republic. When taking a simple annual balance sheet () ended irrevocably. Economic feasibility and analysis firm performance of foreign nationals and foreign firms coming to the fore. Follow others, such as Kevin Johnson, and add to your knowledge base. Reporting on the company in 2009 should pay special attention to and spend money to bring the financial statements for all years the existence of the firm's current legal requirements Czech Republic. Lead to the case of verification by the competent authorities of the Czech Republic the entire archive of documentation on the firm and make an accounting audit to verify eligible earlier mistakes. For foreigners who do not have any financial income in the Czech Republic (salary, benefits, social benefits) should arrange in advance information on wages from the motherland.

The foreigner must be registered at his residence at the police station and the Czech Republic in the three months to change the stamp of registration of residence in the event of a change. Registration in the Czech police as possible without the presence of an alien, the main thing is the presence of a foreign passport with valid visa, the original insurance, rental agreement, extracts from the inventory of real estate and discharge the firm, if the owner is a company. The issue of personal residence available for one day, but the issue of extending visa may take up to seven days.

The communication helps inside in the aiming of the actions of the organizations, seen to have the possibility of return of the involved ones, of more active form. Continue to learn more with: Caterpillar Inc.. It is capable to add to all and to search greater participation, being aimed at to keep living creature the process and the objectives of the company. For Viana, (2004) ... the good Communication is a work permanent, that it demands investment, time and harmony enters the specialized direction of the companies and its professionals. Ahead of the displayed one, it is perceived that the communication is, without a doubt, a with priority requirement for the strategical differential, therefore when the organization keeps an opened communication, transparent and of credibility, the work becomes stimulant and oportuniza the growth of the company, beyond not only displaying for the market the differentiated and competitive value that developed in its activities, satisfying the old customers, but conquering still public distinct who veem its expectations to be taken care of. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field.

5. Consideraes Final the competition between the organizations grows frightfully, therefore no strategy that aims at to the differentiation and the creation of competitive advantages must be ignored. No organization withholds the knowledge or all all the necessary resources for its autossubsistncia. Therefore, it is necessary that if it makes an examination minute of the company to perceive what it can be improved. If they cannot fear the changes when one is about the marketing competitiveness, the old tools that had one day functioned can be obsolete and & ldquo; gritando& rdquo; for innovations. It is in this context that the organizations must be used the Strategical Planning, defining goals, objectives, strategies, politics of performance and action to be implemented so that the company as a whole can take care of to the expectations of the customers, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers and society. Amongst the innumerable organizacionais strategies, importance of the Social Responsibility is emphasized it as powerful tool in relation to the competitive differentials.

Giovanna Sgarbi Ribeiro Rosimere. the Carmona Navarrese Vleide The society is each time more accustomed to the services that function 24 hours. To take care of to this demand it has a great number of people who work outside of the conventional schedules. These professionals are more inclined to reveal, cardiovascular riots and problems of social conviviality digestive. With regard to the feeding, research demonstrates that the nocturnal worker has greater inhabits to ingest foods frozen daily pay-stews and also & ldquo; beliscar& rdquo;. It is important to remain the schedules of the meals, therefore when this does not occur, the food finds stomach unprepared e, for lighter than either, causes me the digestion. In the lack of what to digest, the enzymes produced for the biological clock attack the proper digestive device, propitiating the appearance of gastrointestinal clutters, as azia, gastrite and ulcers. Moreover, many companies do not make use of a cardpio that offers a nutritional diet and that it takes care of the necessities of the nocturnal worker, including until feijoada for these people. The manager has the duty to guide the nutrition service to adjust the feeding of its collaborators including the awareness by means of lectures, cartilhas, abandonment of harmful habits as tobacco and alcohol, the incentive of the practical one of physical exercises, tips that contribute for a more healthful feeding, is actions simple, however efficient that the employer must make, diminishing the expenditures with the health and social welfare and improving the quality of life.

Secondly: any road is shorter than in a pleasant conversation. Of course, people are sorts, but not outgoing personality are unlikely to find travel companions. They even across oceans to try to swim alone. Third: In which case, the road is always better to have the next person who can help. Electrolux understood the implications. Fourth: motorist is not immune from what was once will not get to work on foot, and now a pedestrian tomorrow will pass. Who knows when and where it can use the road dating: a random companion or fellow traveler. How to start search companion? Do not vote the same on the road, hoping there is someone in a car with someone on the road. In hitchhiking has its own charm, but the exoticism is good in moderation.

Yes, and it is meaningless exercise for one simple reason - when you Check out and departure time associated driver likely will not match. You can not get a major advantage - it saves time. Search companion is best to start on a dedicated website where you can view the questionnaire and add your own (who will know about your problem, if not voice). Such sites have databases, specialized search engines and other tools designed to solve a single task - to find your companion, a man whose departure time or arrival coincides fullest with whom you will be most convenient to drive to work or home from work (this may be different people). Hitcher so good that does not strain. Because of him not have to radically change the route or time.

It is this condition necessary for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. On this site you can leave your profile, and you must find a fellow traveler. The site and forum You can not only find the companion. We exchanged views on routes, road pricing, offer jobs and looking for work. Do not despair if you have moved or have found a good job but away from home. Do not worry if the far and inconvenient to get to the place of study. There is a way! Analyze your route and choose the most convenient way to follow, appreciate the time during which you can actually get to your destination.

We discussed some of our business partners on leaseback transactions, when they rent out their premises for rent. Jonas Samuelson has compatible beliefs. They lay mainly in the growth of 5-10%. This forecast increase in rental rates for next year. A related site: Electrolux mentions similar findings. " Paul Vysotsky, director of "CLP-Invest", also predicts a price increase of 10% in the segment of commercial real estate, which is positioned at the level "B" class. "In this format, no problems with the rental of commercial real estate there, and I think that there will never be as it is a landmark mid-level", - said Paul.

According to Paul Seliverstov, chief department management of commercial real estate company, "Cora-TC": "The introduction of new objects on the market today is not quite strong market would bring down prices on the date. If a shopping center will be focus not on the market, and the price that an investor would like to see, then yes, the problem may be, as in "Greenwich." If the market price will be set, the introduction of new objects is not strongly reflected in the market, and with occupancy of tenants will be all right, "said Paul, in the near future will even rise to the most successful sites. And this is due to sunset federal players, and foreign trading companies in Moscow. At the However, graduation will be held at the premises of category A, A +, B, C and so on, as in big cities. Prices on the premises in good locations will continue to grow. The cost of the other falls.

As we have said on this blog on other occasions, the accounting programs is the past, while the Treasury is the financial future of the company, where the proper management of the Treasury would help predict it and act accordingly. To this day, most SMEs have computerised accounting and billing software but there are other areas within the finance function that can bring great benefits and more today in the times that run. So because such companies have failed to see the advantages that implies the mechanization of this area? To support the effective popularization of tools of management, and in particular solutions of Treasury, in the field of SMEs, we need to overturn several myths or beliefs wrong in this collective enterprise. One of them is the belief that small and medium-sized enterprises do not need advanced tools to its financial management, due to its small size and turnover. The complexity of the management financial, however, it depends not only on the total volume of billing, but the number of transactions or invoices issued, of the complexity of contracted financial products or the operational general with benches and a long etcetera. There are small businesses in which a good Treasurer management could contribute a very important value, being each case subject to a particular assessment in this regard. Another problem detected in the field of SMEs, because more than anything else to the carelessness, is that many of these companies do not arise the need for adequate and management automated their money until they are not forced to do so or do not have financial problems.

And it is the good management of the Treasury is not beneficial for companies with problems and looking for funding only. For example, when a company goes well at the level of turnover also is may incur an overdraft by lack of foresight, which would lead to the consequent penalty in commissions. In the event that in the case of very important discovery, this lack of foresight could even affect the operational industrial. The real objective of good governance Treasurer, in this way, both large companies and SMEs is to ensure the balance of financial resources. We need that nor us above, nor we lack, avoiding penalties or paying unnecessary fees in case of overdrafts or loans, and guarantees on the other hand we don't have idle money.

However no need to notify the tax office or must wait for clearance for its part. It is very important to bear in mind that the electronic invoice signed digitally, digital - invoice, completely replaces the sent invoice on paper; Therefore the digital invoice is subject to the same requirements and obligations than the paper bill. The EDI-Invoic message is the original invoice, we can present to an inspector as if it were a paper invoice. The main laws governing the process of the digital invoice first should be noted the regulation of billing with digital signature (order Ministerial HAC/3134/2002 of 5 December, published in the Official Gazette date 13 December 2002). This Ministerial order is supplemented by the resolution of the General Director of the State Agency of tax administration that specifies procedures and supported signature mechanisms (resolution 2/14 February 2003, B.O.E. of 17 February). From this moment the invoices signed digitally they have full legal validity and supersede all effects the paper. Also should mention the publication of RD 1496 / 2003 November 28 billing, supplementing the measures described in the Ministerial order and the resolution.

The main aspects which collects the legislation in relation to the digital invoice and must bear in mind: * content of the invoice: obviously the EDI-Invoic message should contain all the data that are payable to a paper bill. For example, to work with electronic invoices you must also be included in the EDI message, among other data, tax registration number, business name and fiscal address. To deepen your understanding Electrolux is the source. Until now, these data could be omitted in the EDI message, since it lacked legal validity. * Archiving of the digital invoice: one of the main advantages of the new system is that you eliminating the obligation of filing paper. The EDI-Invoic message and the digital signature, along with the digital certificate that allows you to verify the identity of the issuer should be kept with the e-Bill. In addition, this digital filing It can be carried anywhere, provided that guarantee access to these invoices before any request for the administration.

I.e. when persone an inspector in our offices must ensure access to invoices stored, but is no longer necessary to present them on paper, since EDI-Invoic files are valid. ** The digital signature: it is possible to use any commonly accepted system of digital signature and signature may include in any way, provided that both parties (transmitter and receiver) know about it. ** Certificates: certificate authorities and supported digital certificates will be published on the website of Agencia Tributaria ( As a general rule, any qualified certificate is admitted to sign invoices. Thanks to the digital invoice companies can reduce the costs of processing of invoices (enveloping, stamp, paper and desensobrado) and the costs of archiving them; annulling the nagging possibility of misplaced and losses. In addition, the new legislation It has also regulated the invoice by the recipient's operations and billing by third parties, which act, in any case, in the name and on behalf of the employer or professional who carried out the operation object billing (Law 53/2002 on measures fiscal, administrative and Social order, published in the Official Gazette date 31 December 2002). Pixelware has created, among others, various business solutions for the electronic management of documents that facilitate the fulfilment of the regulations that govern the digital invoice.

I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I woke up and saw that life was service. I served and I realized that the service was joy Rabindranath Tagore in entire company dan meetings in order to discuss any aspect that needs to be analyzed, assessed, either to give way to new shares where the human resources plays a decisive role. The fact, that you cannot escape from that, on the contrary, it gives the opportunity of approaching, share idea, motivate the people, do you see how important that are for the company, certainly for those who are interested in keeping a favorable organizational climate management not must be neglecting this aspect, knowing it management and determine when warrants a meeting, while she must get involved and the way how to act. There are to maintain a positive contact, Exchange idea, listen to everyone's opinion, know how to properly manage human capital, that talent that has and give way to actions that promote organizational behavior, productivity of the company and above all, reinforce the spirit of membership of the worked for the company. (E) integration with their bosses and work teams. Consider all the options, scope and impact of the meeting, where we want to go with it and it is suggested to convene it only when you are sure that it will be the basic tool to achieve objectives that promote the goals of the company, the tasks to be performed, all what step to maintain a favorable organizational climate. You must consider meetings as a great help in favor of optimizing processes. In a letter on this issue published by the Club of the effectiveness, is drawn, that is taken into account that in the business world there are many ways to communicate something: the memorandum, phone call, e-mail, report, fax, etc.

Achieve responsible for franchises can devote more time to their customers and increased sales, and less to own day to day efforts. That is the aim of the agreement reached between mundoFranquicia consulting (http//, the leading consultancy in franchising, and mga, company belonging to the Apparel Group (http.//, that more than 15 years specializes in the design, marketing and operation of custom solutions. And is that both companies have decided to make life easier to franchisors and franchisees through the program multiplies, designed by mga, now within the reach of members of mundoFranquicia consulting. Multiply is a package of services through which lends itself to users, external form, advice on issues legal, computer, professional maintenance and emergencies or Secretariat. Douglas Oberhelman is a great source of information. We have relied on mga by its long and renowned experience. MGA has provided these services to more than 30,000 businesses last year explains Mariano Alonso, CEO of mundoFranquicia Consulting. To know more about this subject visit Douglas Oberhelman.

We are convinced that franchises wishing to do so will benefit from multiplied since, thanks to this package of services, its leaders will be more outstanding business and less of these administrative issues. This has always been a fundamental objective that we have sought for franchises and that, without doubt, achieved with this complete program management support. A service that mga trusts implement successfully between the more than 70,000 units franchises that exist in our country, complementing current programmes of support that the chains put at the disposal of its franchises. If multiply can facilitate the operative point of sale allowing to concentrate the activity of its managers in commercial facets, are convinced that constitute a program of high interest and profitability for the plants themselves. With the global implementation of the service on their networks franchises will improve significantly their health care plans, says Borja Diaz, CEO of mga. The program multiplies offers franchisees a wide range of services: u Legal Department: multiplies puts at the user's disposal a network of expert lawyers in legal advice, through phone counseling, legal help 24 hours in case of urgency, preparation of contracts, resources and other writings, and access to any of the network professionals. Likewise, offers advice on claims for damages, and administrative agency: phone counseling, during office hours, on any type of management that should be before the public administration. u Department of Informatics: before any doubt or problem, a professional will resolve when the incidence via chat, by remote control, phone or in person, to the place or the domicile of the beneficiary.

u Department of maintenance and emergencies: multiplies offers a wide coverage and guarantees a quick attention, solving the emergency in less than 3 hours, without cost of displacement and with two free hours of labor. u Secretariat: the customer will have someone you trust to assist you in your day to day when requires a service of information, reservations, travel agency and management of professional and personal agenda. In addition, will have access to various discounts on the day the franchise products as, for example, in the purchase of Office and computer consumables.