Copyright Fees

Copyright levies on CD and DVD blanks drastically increases. Also Blu-ray blanks will be required from now a levy. ZPu (Center for private recording rights) dramatically increased the copyright levies for CD and DVD blanks. Also Blu-ray blanks will be required from now a levy. Taxes are now so highly dramatic boost by the ZPu according to the trade, that it actually increases not for traders, continue to sell these media.

The current increases was carried out by the ZPu (without final consultation or information of the trade). Thus, few of them know. Filed under: Ben Horowitz. Here it must be vigorous information work. All provisions relating to the new levies can be found in the Federal Gazette of December 30, 2009. The commercial upside...

So far the HEK for Blu-ray media amounted to approximately 1.50 to 2 euros. What now, however pointless selling blank Blu-ray almost makes is the new regime after the occupied a Blu-ray with a copyright levy by 3.47 euros. Who can not complaints or want to, must include these charges in its prices and dissipate. Now, after not only the Medienkanibalismus and confusing pricing policies under CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc ensures restraint in trade and consumer media, the chaos is complete. Last but not least... The most notable tax boost is CD-RW blanks. Here, nearly 600 percent at the cost side (previous submission below 2 per cent - from almost 20 euros / cents... mind you per disc). Now arises the question of whether not the CD, DVD or Blu-ray production of stamping plants makes more sense. Of course minimum quantities of 500 or 1000 pieces are here, yet a clear division. Also is a higher quality of the media by the hand in the production of press work point (playback behavior, robustness, durability, print quality, etc.) > CD manufacturing about a press shop, DVD production about a pressing plant, Blu-ray production about a press plant... More NEWS at: