Finally, as it finishes question of the questionnaire, ' was questioned if; ' its school participates of some of the plans of goals of governo' ' , and 100% of the interviewed ones they had said that it does not participate why one is about a private institution. In such a way, he is clearly that the school of particular character more is come back toward the market ideologies, being the plans of goal of the government to be applied in public schools. With respect to the institucional evaluation, it was possible to perceive in this work that this is present in the searched public school of the municipal net of education in the external modality of more explicit form of what in the private school, therefore this finishes make reference to more reference the internal institucional evaluation. But, as shown in the answers of the questionnaires, the public school also perceives the importance of the internal institucional evaluation it uses and it as half to analyze and to intervine in the pedagogical actions that are judged worthy to be reviewed. For example, when ' was asked if; ' its school carries through the Institucional Evaluation: Auto - evaluation and with which frequency? ' ' , 50% of the interviewed ones (professor and director) had said that this evaluation is carried through semester, 25% (pupil) spoke that she was carried through annually and 25% (father) said that never was carried through. This in the ones backwards the idea of that the father does not have knowledge and does not participate of the auto-evaluation of the school and the pupil alone it participates of a modality internal evaluation. However, this practises does not favor the pedagogical one, therefore it is of basic importance that the parents and the pupils participate of the evaluations that occur inside of the school.