GDP Economic

All the money will go to real sectors and will become a type of demand. The economic data are unforgiving and shows that China's economy no longer has the strength of a few months ago. The slowdown of the Chinese economy, product of the international financial crisis which hit squarely to its main trading partner is very strong. The World Bank returned to recently revise its growth forecast for China in 2009. The number that now handle is 6.5% (the previous projection was 7.5%), whereas even the positive effect of the economic stimulus plan. The IMF on the other hand, expects China to grow by 6.7% in 2009.

Met the forecasts of the World Bank and the IMF, China could face serious problems since that for many countries would represent an extraordinary rate of growth for the Chinese economy would be insufficient to absorb the new population that is inserted into the cities increasing social instability. China expects and requires its GDP growth of at least 8% for this year. Despite the dark projections of international agencies, in the Eastern Government is nowhere for pessimism. Since the Chinese Government is already talking of the positive effects of the plan economic stimulus that can already be seen. It be true or just a strategy for driving the expectations? According to the President of the people's Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, the main macroeconomic indicators are already pointing towards a recovery in growth as a result of the effects of the same. The data of industrial production for the month of February in China, seems to confirm the reversal on deceleration. As he realizes the Ministry of industry and technology information of China, the industrial production registered an interannual increase of 11% in the second month of the year, despite the strong observed reduction in external sales (which neither more nor less than a 25.7% inter-annual fell in the second month of the year).