Herpes Zoster

Herpes is a rash accompanied by itching, which consists of the clustering of vesicles or blisters that generate pain and itching. A related site: Ben Horowitz mentions similar findings. His diagnosis is performed using special techniques, as a smear or the cultivation of viruses. The opinion of herpes zoster is easily established by the location of the lesion and the appearance of this when the blister appears begins to also feel tingling and itching, muscle aches, fever, headache, sensitivity can experiment by chewing or drinking some breath (oral herpes); fatigue pain in the groin, blister in the penis area in case of men and blisters appear around the vagina in women, and also for both (genital herpes) virus case year tends almost reappear in areas where there is humidity, as it is the case of the mouth and genitals, because mucous areas like these plays the virus more easily. Treatment cure my shingles Lo ideal is to have a permanent partner. Condom use also helps a little; This is for genital herpes.

As herpes is generally characterized by its tendency to relapse, i.e. repeat last some time, recommends the consumption of foods rich in complex b, which help keep your immune system in good condition. To prevent blisters to burst and to propagate oils of geranium and lavender are advisable. Other oils that usually respond well to the annoying symptoms of herpes are Chamomile and calendula which exert a soothing and restorative action on the affected area. Treatment to cure herpes there are many, but one that guarantees us its complete disappearance very few really is why we want to know a unique natural treatment designed to cure any type of herpes more information here: as cure the Herpes Zoster original author and source of the article.