Everyone who has created and posted online a website is interested in its indexing in search engines. The sooner the better. Why do it? Recall how people are looking to the Internet necessary information. They are gaining in the browser words corresponding to their interesting topic and click enter. Appeared in the preview list of sites corresponds to the keywords. At present, this method accounts for more than 80% of cases of people getting on they want a site on this very important that your site has been indexed by search engines.

When I talked about Google, it meant more and yahoo and msn, as it is the major search engines. The share of Google accounts for about 50% of search queries Information on the Internet, on yahoo and msn - 30% and 20% respectively. There are so many other search engines, but they can not take into account the background of these giants. At Google, yahoo, msn, there are services that offer you to submit a site to registration. If you take advantage of them, the answer will get a message about this content: "Thanks for the information provided, your application will be reviewed within 4-6 weeks." And the result of such review obviously not known at this this way does not suit us. How can that be? There is a way that allows any site indexed within 48 hours, absolutely free. Let's say you created a website called " and safely placed it on the Internet.

What's next? Let us know how the search engines. They are transmitted to the network search engine "robots" (also known as "spiders", worms, etc.) that are combing the endless expanses of the Internet and on way to index websites. Paths of robots are known, first they go to those sites that are already in the index with it at a fairly high positions. From there they follow links on these sites. Remains use this information. What we are doing. Write an article, called "How to create cool site," which indicates a link to your website. After this, place it on the resources indexed by search engines, similar to the one on which you now read my opus 🙂 The search bot is located, follow the link in the article and your site in the index, which was required! The more resources to accommodate the articles you use, the better, since your site will have more options that will increase your site's index. It is desirable that your article was a sensible, meaningful and useful to those who will read it. If you have no time or do not want to write my article, You can take me, if not to change the link to my site in the article body, and the signature and the link at the end bravely put his own. Good luck with your index and high index!