Latin American

In Israel the high temperature is the same as in Arab countries, but Israel is first world, while the Arabs are the third world, even if they have more money. Nor China is the third largest economy of the balloon, or India, in astonishing growth are first world. Similarly happens with Brazil that the ninth economy, and Mexico is the eleventh. All will remain third world while the poverty level is high, its populous marginal populations live in cardboard houses, and the average living standard is low. Without saying other Latin American countries, mainly populists, interventionist, who already are almost all, and who decided to go back one hundred years with their folk version of socialism. Since some underdeveloped advanced minimally and enjoy some of the entertainment from the first world, a new term is being coined: fourth world. The definition serves to distinguish Latin American countries of the Africans who are being discussed in misery and tribal wars, and are fundamentally agricultural and nomadic. It also applies to the Indigenous Nations. We must add that populations of the first and second world have respect for laws, high ethical and moral values and sustain non-existent universal principles in the third world. It is also important to consider other aspects of material and civic, such as infrastructure, technological advancement, efficiency and modernity of public services, bureaucracy, the respect for others, the subjection to the legality, legal and physical security, decency of rulers and ruled, freedom of expression, confidence in Government and its institutions, and many other factors that make feasible a nationbeing the starting point, economic freedom and the non-intervention of the State in the business of the people. original author and source of the article.