Losungsfokussierte Solution-focused

For the solution-focused counselling, this means that the client with some help is quite able to cope with a normal life, difficulty and no longer have to stop in the problem spiral. With this understanding of the problem of consultants can help the clients to the challenge to make future, to solve its current stand and looking forward. "Exactly this rotation" to support the intention of the solution focused approach is. II. 2 choices get it only if people begin to design scenarios of the possible move in directions that make you happier, and (their) problems or lose largely influence."3 As a result the solution-focused consulting allows the client again to get a look for its entire solution potential, so as to develop more leeway for our own actions. In the context of solution-focused counseling, new perspectives can be opened and run so the client from his by the fixation of the problem causing incapacity. The Losungsfokussierte, also for the smallest change ways, seeking advice. You focus on the opportune.

This is done mainly through concentration on exceptions that represent already unconsciously working solutions. Although the client tends to perceive his problem as always existent, but problems don't exist in equal measure. It is necessary to concentrate on just these exceptional situations on the one hand on the situation-specific conditions, to clarify the cause of the exception, on the other hand on the behavior of the client in the Exceptional situation. The consultant analyzed so not the actual problem and whose condition structure, but the behavior of the client in the complaint reduced phase. As a result, the client sees itself not as a victim of circumstances but as active trading. If this search is successful and differences are observed and discussed in the first meeting, the expectation of a significant change in the complaint and the solution for the client and the therapist confirmed, because with regard to the complaint a change has already occurred.