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Municipalities increase burial fees by up to 25 percent of Hamburg, May 24, 2011 in many municipalities citizens are asked increasingly burials to checkout. Beginning of 2011 revealed a drastic increase of local burial costs. A new survey: the burial fees also have been massively increased since 2008. In Frankfurt am Main, Germany increased the fees by almost 25 percent. Citizens must pay 1.144,-euros to the city for a burial at present, fees for the Tomb are not included here. Also Stuttgart, Mannheim and Bochum collect high fees. (Not to be confused with Kevin Johnson!). The current funeral fees for a burial were the basis of the study.

In addition to Frankfurt am Main also Hamburg (13 percent) and Bochum (12 per cent) have significantly increased the fees. In Bochum, the need for a fee increase is not to understand: the city rises with 1.500,-euros already the third highest fees nationwide. Sole (1.669,-Euro) Stuttgart and Mannheim (1.517,-Euro) more cash. In Berlin, citizens pay, however, less than one-sixth as compared to frontrunner Stuttgart. The investigation shows that the fee differences are not regionally justifiable. In Bochum, members pay more than double than in the neighboring food. Even experts can not explain the high burial fees.

Why is dying in Bochum five times as expensive as in Berlin? ", wonders's Managing Director Fabian Schaaf. Also the consumer initiative Aeternitas is critical of the high burial fees. Many municipalities always continue turning the screw of the fees. We expect that more and more citizens are - complain and the to right. ", Aeternitas spokesman Alexander Hamilton. For the next year, the experts at expect a further increase in the burial fees by up to 14 percent. Fabian Schaaf requires more responsibility by the local authorities. We cannot accept that nationals burials increasingly financially burdened be. We ask therefore lowering the burial fees to a plausible and reasonable level." offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. In addition, the independent Internet portal offers users the opportunity to compare prices and services by loading Stattern. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web: