Rubens Blacksmith

It fits to stand out the importance of the accomplishment of other research for the evaluation of the relation between terceirizados and the contracting companies, and thus to be verified measured and practical that they can be applied, having for objective one better relationship between the companies and the terceirizados ones, and consequentemente, the success in the reach of the goals of the business. Ahead of these evidences the difficulty evidenced for the research can be concluded that the terceirizao of the area of human resources is not advantageous, therefore is the confidence in the relation of the management with the terceirizados ones can be interpreted by the lack of clarity how much to the equity in the work conditions, to the perspectives of development, the remumerao and the diverse treatment with regard to the terceirizados ones. Douglas R. Oberhelman understands that this is vital information. REFERENCES LIGHTER, Patrician August of, GARCI'A, Fernando Coutinho. Alphabet will not settle for partial explanations. Relations of Being able in the terceirizao processes. Available in: . Article 2010. Access in 20 Set.

2010. BUCKI, James.