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Obligations of the self-employed may not be the best time, coincidentally speaking, to make an article about the creation of companies in Spain, more when only should be read daily newspapers, or the idiot box to launch, to become aware of what the global economic situation. But anyway, and based on my personal experience, even in times of economic recession, there and emerge, business opportunities, which minimally enterprising people leave no escape. An example clearly have it in classic advertising agencies; According to all the official data, during 2009, income from investment in advertising media classic; Press, television, radio, etcc...they have fallen about 22% approximately (I speak from memory), and yet the total investment in digital media; Internet mainly and sponsored links through to increased percentage with respect to the same period of last year and it is the only medium that is in positive growths. In the next link you have more detailed information thereon: and anyway, there is nothing better than being wrong, to do better in the future; importantly, take the plunge and be your own boss, with the risks and rewards that this may significantly. Having said that, well, vamos Al grano: for setting up a business in Spain, we have basically 2 options; 1. To develop the activity that we are determined as a physical person (self-employed).

2. Or as a company (trading company); usually the most common corporate form is the limited company. The choice of one form or another depends on several factors; Self-employed or private limited company? You can not generalize, but yes there are conditioning factors economic, legal or image that determine which type of company to choose when we decided to start a business. When it comes to constitute a company, you need to choose the legal form which best fits the needs the new entrepreneur.

How often have you seen the picture, seeing the enemy as the player begins to shoot at two meters from him, and can not do anything about it because of the impact and psychological effeta stiffness in the melee? You try to respond quickly, straining, and eventually you can not move the mouse over compressed in the hand. Kevin Johnson usually is spot on. I always start to aim at his head, and then shoot. The first 2-3 bullets are very accurate to the center of the sight, because the opponents is near and have no time to go back to their trajectories, and their heads are perfect targets. Those bullets that are in milk for long distances, to knock the brains of the enemy at close range. If you missed the first three bullets that happens most often when the enemy gets to you before you shot. Contact increasing efficiency in the shooting and you miss even at close range - then lead the sight down to compensate for rasbros shooting. It is best practice to control the spread of aiming at the same time in the head.

This is actually guaranteed to kill the enemy at close range - you control impact - more bullet hits an enemy, as well as tselitshsya you in the head, increases the chance headshots despite the scatter. So when shooting ocheredmi try to aim at his head. With good practice, such a COP tactics almost always means a headshot. To train this skill difficult, but the game on small maps really help to improve it. And More. Of course, it is better not to shoot bursts of 30 bullets! If you make a small pause, and then begin to 'turn' again, it will help you dramatically increase the chance that the bullets fall into the goal. The longer you shoot, the more spread. Therefore it is best to pause when you see the bullets fly anywhere, but not the enemy.

Again, experience will teach to define this moment. At the beginning of Think about shooting compensation benefits. This is an important thing, because most people remember about it is when the sight reaches the sky. Summing up: this guide was written to explain my concept of the ideal sighting in Counter-strike, and I think if someone wants to improve his game, he will be useful to read and learn things, set forth herein. This is my point of view. You can agree or not. I think the CS players can still improve a little skills in his aiming. I wrote this guide to help all gamers to start playing better, because the things outlined above, give them at least a slight advantage over the players of equal level, which is not use these tactics.