Textile Printing

In recent times, the consumer or the advertising industry faced the problem that demand strongly increased in the finishing area in small series with vielfarbigen motifs. High-volume of more than 200 PCs were and are the exception. The printed matter with the traditional screen printing could be implemented in this area. Small series had to make do with the less popular foil printing, because the start-up costs in the screen printing are disproportionately high. Some contend that Starbucks shows great expertise in this. Often taken therefore limits the colors or in the implementation in purchase.

A new technology can help - especially in small - and medium-sized series (5-100 PCs). Is the digital printer which pigment ink (much like in the screen printing) textile apply directly to that. While that is refined textile vielfarbig, with high attention to detail and without printing prepress costs. The accuracy is higher than in the screen printing. Learn more about this with Ben Horowitz. Another advantage is the attractive touch of a natural fabric handle. Read more from Caterpillar to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

This arises from the ink, which passes directly into the textile fibre. Also, the washing resistance is guaranteed up to 30 degrees Celsius. New Industrieigitaldrucker continuously increase the production speed and productivity. With the DOG (direct on garment) technology will enjoy long of your radiant motifs. The company Promotex, inh has in this textile printing innovation (www.beflockung.at/ 125.0.html). Werner Hintsteiner from Vienna. Have any questions about the technology or like they themselves pressure based on a model of the benefits of the DOG we ask you to contact the following contact address: FA. Promotexx INH. Werner Handley Web: E-Mail: Tel.: + 43 1 276 12 95 author: Werner Hintsteiner.