The Power Of A Seed

Human beings are like plants that give sweet fruit or hard spine. Let me tell you an interesting case, a group of scientists met in the United States of America to create what they called, the seed of the future. They studied thousands of seeds and wheat species, extruded components and found the scientific properties of the seed. They gathered the best features in a test tube, called organic materials designers and gave the finishing touches external and his work I am finished with a seed apparently identical to wheat seed. They planted the seed, watered it, and filled it with the necessary care, climate, rich soil, moisture, etc. To his surprise the seed never germino. What was what happened? They questioned among others, do hundreds of thousands of dollars in this seed and not germinates?, did we miss?, until a man who carried out cleaning work in laboratories, I hear, was a simple and wise man, approached and said to them, gentlemen only thing missing you to your seed is the touch of life, but that touch only can give Dios no man.

Awakening is a new opportunity to breathe, live, love, fight, achieve your goals and make you. Every day is a challenge of achieving what you both crave, but if not try never will know it, it is better you fight and die in the attempt, that you die without a fight. That much bigger is that I try and not achievement, one that never try and died without knowing it. Only one sowing reap in abundance. Do you think you deserve a better life?, a better financial situation?, a better relationship with your partner?, do be thinner (a)?, be loved?, be recognized in society?, be the best at what you do? And I wonder do that are doing today to achieve your goals?, recalls that only one sowing reap in abundance. There is no effect without a cause: everything has its reason.

Does not grow the oak if before is not planted: only the seed can produce life. What have you done with your seed? In your hands has many and wonderful seeds of divinity, authentic seeds, seeds of love, seeds of forgiveness, seeds of happiness, seeds to be best, seeds to grow, seeds of success, fullness seeds, seeds of life. Only your you can sow them, nobody else in this world can take your seeds and do it for you, only you are authorized to claim to heaven, what Heaven has given you. Thou possessor of gifts and unique strengths, but that only you can germinate them. Prepares the plough and sharpens the hoe, because only those who sow reap in abundance. Sincerely Francisco Yanez lecturer - original author and source of the article.