Economic Outlook

The mortgage requests registered an increase of 2,0% in the week finished on May 1, it boost that it occurs at a time when interest rates are at its highest level since March of this year. More info: MetLife Korea. This is explained by the fact that they are anyway in tempting levels for decision makers. Without a doubt, the good news have begun to emerge in the U.S. economy although the hardness of the crisis makes doubt about whether you can expect the U.S. economy to accelerate his recovery. From my point of view, all these positive data have the potential to generate a virtuous circle that autoalimente to consolidate the way out of the crisis. Without a doubt, the gradual improvement in the labor market, dissipate fears and encourage consumption.

Families will begin to lose their fear of becoming unemployed and limit their precautionary savings. The improvement in the Economic Outlook will lead companies to think about reviving their investment projects. It is a good opportunity to achieve repositioned in competitive markets, so, those companies that have a capacity to do so, probably start to think again about realize such projects. Minor doubts about the health of the banking system, may lead institutions to reduce their efforts to sustain the confidence about its strength and focus on reviving the sector's activity. Credit bid may charge vitality before a demand for consumption and investment, so that probably begins to recover. With families and businesses to recover, the real estate market improves their prospects and with him, the large number of sectors linked to the activity.It may be prudent to wait a few more weeks to confirm the evolution of the American economy, but the data that emerging, renewed hopes. Slowly becomes more likely the economic recovery in the U.S. until 2009 comes to an end and this is good news for the global economy and for Latin America in particular.