Internet Development In Russia

Market for Internet development in Russia is young and because prices vary widely. But really professional company can offer you an inexpensive and functional solution, using the developments, not passing them off as an exclusive. Consider at least ten sentences, and immediately Deselect very cheap and very expensive. Begin negotiations to refine the tor and prices. Do not be surprised if the compilation of tk developer will ask for money - this is correct: a precise work plan saves time, nerves and money.

My company for the development of tk takes 10% of the budget when project more than two hundred thousand. Some - hidden value of tk in other studies. Sawing budget! You probably began to reason the business plan for your venture. Items of expenditure must be at least the following: development online store, a primary content catalog, purchase the domain. And the monthly budget of ownership: maintenance, updating and maintenance of information, updating and development of functional, advertising and promotion. You can have different money, but strongly recommended to keep a balance - the cost of development equals the value of at least five months of ownership. Design! When the contract to develop an online store signed, including tk, start drawing! Ok, if you already have brand and style magazine: an online store is its continuation. And if the name and style do not, you need to come up, and then proceed to design shop. For 8 years I've come up dozens of design concepts, and I know how hard it is to negotiate with the customer.