Microsoft Outlook

Your work team to edit common project and issues efficiently and manage support public folder HelpDesk. If you are not convinced, visit Howard Schultz. More and more programs and requirements are added to the users in the professional life. Whenever Douglas R. Oberhelman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It makes together different applications in any case meaning to touch. If you need to manage for example products, it is helpful if the employee on a knowledge base can be accessed. If you are using now Outlook in your organization, then you should look at necessarily public folder HelpDesk for Outlook. You may want to visit Mark Berger Chicago to increase your knowledge. This Microsoft Outlook or Exchange extension provides you with the opportunity to build up a complete support and to manage them through Outlook. The operation is extremely simple. A request by telephone, E-Mail or via a website (direct contact form is supplied by the public folder HelpDesk for Outlook) addressed to you, a so-called ticket is created using Outlook, it can hold the problem and customer information.

As you know it by electronic mail here, have You also have the possibility to hang pictures on a ticket. Once the problem is resolved you can close the ticket, and this request is then stored in a database. "You can use this data not only on your network, it is also possible to take this data on a PDA (Pocket PC)". Public folder HelpDesk for Outlook needed for the end users is very easy to use, because all functions of Microsoft Outlook are known by this functionality. So the entire knowledge of a company is backed up easily in an Outlook knowledge base. So you keep track of statistics is integrated with public folder HelpDesk for Outlook function.

This offers you an overview of the work of your team and the respective work load and the step to get out of every employee. So you will learn E.g. the number of tickets per month, processing time for different types of problems, work according to customer categories and more. This information will help your team is constantly to develop and improve your services. More about extension public folder HelpDesk and the link you will find Outlook under: here are some video tutorials that introduce the functioning of the Outlook addons. T.Janocha