and themselves. The principle of continuity for the first time on this principle, I read in Jean Ledloff in the book 'How to raise a child happy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from "Howard Schultz Starbucks
. " The essence is this: the basis of a harmonious life on earth must be passed from generation to generation. "Utendahl Capital Partners
has many thoughts on the issue. It is very difficult, and as new, right? In fact, in today's world, parents and children live in completely separate worlds. More precisely, the parents do supervazhnye affairs, and children - play. As a result, children grow up, a fig in my life can not. Here's how it should go harmonious development of the child in accordance with the principle of continuity. The child is constantly watching their parents and their lives, daily classes.

Growing up, he begins to apply what was previously observed. Education Life skills occurs at home, that is, the boy learns the lessons of carpentry is not working, and the pope. A girl learns to take care of the household and children along with her mother. The broken link between generations translates into very specific problems individual families. For example, postpartum depresnyak very simply explained by hormones. I think women just do not know how to live with their children. That covers: "Life is over, everything is now only for the creation of shouting!" (About the role women in society, I have already written).

Take another before - birth. If the girls were present at its natural childbirth moms, they would not be afraid to give birth, and furthermore, they would know how to behave in childbirth. Etc., etc. As soon as the little kids grow up, parents pass their srochnenko in kindergartens and schools ... to be free, to do as they say, their lives. And in educational institutions for children are taught anything but the simplest of things: how to be happy as take care of my family, how to make the house comfortable, how to give birth and what to teach their children ... What to do about it? Live with their children, rather than distancing them from himself. We stopped to share life in children and adults. Elder son involve all home business: cleaning, repair, assemble furniture - all together with my dad. Let your child does not play, and live! Amen full article published in the electronic journal RIDE THE RHYTHM. The magazine is available online publishers' such things! ". Download the magazine with the Center rasprostaneniya rooms.