Secretary Positions

When filling in this column should not write detailed proposals such as "would get an interesting job that fits my qualifications and experience and contributed to the successful development of your company, because in this case the employer the impression that the applicant does not have a clear idea of what would have wanted to do. Objective - this is the position you want, the scope of your professional interests. Clearly indicate their requirements: this will increase your chances of finding work. Not necessary to write several positions at once, even if they seem to be close to you. Typically, companies require a certain specialist for a strictly defined position. In addition, similar positions, for example, the Secretary office manager and personal assistant to the director may vary greatly in the range of responsibilities, so it's best to create a separate resume for each of them. Under "Education" provides information on educational outcomes, including Additional courses, seminars and trainings.

This section should list all the things that would indicate your level of professionalism in precisely the area in which you want to work. Courses and training, not unrelated to the vacancy, it is better omitted. Name of school, usually written in full. Be sure to specify the start year and graduation, name of department and specialty. If you have a diploma with honors or a degree, it should also be noted. Experience is the most important item in the summary. As a rule, the summary describes the experience over the past 7-10 years.