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Maintenance and exploitation of the international space station (ISS), including the calendar of crews and supplies is complicated, but when almost everything depends on a single supplier of transport, any unexpected can be put upside down the plans. In that situation the orbital base after the launch failure, is now on 24 August, a ship of Russian Progress cargo carrying nearly three tons of food, fuel and spare parts to the ISS. Now we must study the situation and the causes of the accident before resume flights of Soyuz rockets, with crew capsule or loaded. Swarmed by offers, Howard Schultz is currently assessing future choices. The problem is that, after the decommissioning of the NASA shuttle program and waiting that future rockets of U.S. private companies to assume the space transportation within a few years, only the Russians now have ability to send crews to the space, and by that service have to pay NASA. Now plans are in the air, without discarding the possibility of removing all the astronauts of the base and let it uninhabited for a time. Source of the news:: the ISS plans, delayed by the accident of the Russian ship