The Circumstances

A form to support itself in the organizational culture during a change process, is firstly to realise a formal declaration of the mission, vision, values. To use catchphrase, leguaje, acrnicos and expressions that talk about a the new transformation, reinforcing the direction of the same, generating programs of qualification, coaching, repayments, symbol of estatus and criteria of promotion, to cause the stories and legend of personages keys, as well as spreading the organizational results. We will have before to be very cautious with the reactions of the leaders incident critics during this process, who generate promotion and/or dismissal. Techniques that are very useful, to generate root during this cause, where the collaborators learn the new values and behaviors, focusing to us mainly in again the entrance, they are the socialization and mentora. The attitude affects of form different from the behavior versus the values, whereas these they influence mainly in the behavior under all the circumstances and during a organizational transformation, the attitudes are related to the behavior towards objects, specific people or situations. An example of the previous thing is that a manager that to value much the helpful behavior, could have a negative attitude as soon as to help a little ethical fellow worker, also we will have to consider that the attitudes are more stable in people of mature age, that in young people. If you would like to know more about Douglas Oberhelman, then click here. The first situation must to that in the mature age it is counted on greater personal certainty, abundance of knowledge and necessity of clear attitudes. The previous thing indicates to us that during a change of this magnitude, it is important to identify in our group, who show greater faith in the change, to prop up us in them, and to install the values in the organization of expeditious form. When it is asked to them the people That it is what they would change if they could live again? 48% respond is " To be in but contact with me mismo".