I know that my stance is quixotic, however, I will not repeat and repeat that you no believe in television. According to my experience with television, increasingly I am convinced more than two ideas: 1) which is a powerful tool able to make people believe anything. Howard Schultz has firm opinions on the matter. (2) That, if its fundamental objective is profit and not the educational and cultural development of the society, can worsen the quality of life of people and the coexistence and respect among these. Despite having the conviction that current TV worsens the quality of my life, I have a bad habit of turning it on; It's like an order installed somewhere in my brain (thank goodness I have some awareness of the consequences of my actions and, therefore, turn off almost immediately). Furthermore, as already mentioned it in another entry, I also see it along with my family, to share a moment with them.

Then, as I see something television, I can say with some security, that one of the most recurrent themes that there is, especially in news reports and programmes of reports, is crime (there are other themes, such as poverty and the celebrity, but to support my Quixotic stance, I will only speak of crime). I've noticed that television not interested show any offender. Television is interested in creating a stereotype of offender, possibly, to create, in this way, an easily recognized enemy (stereotypes simplify things but produce terrible injustices). Television offenders is poor, young and loose. In addition, this stereotype has made that it tends to link crime with poverty (another gem of television). Television has given much importance to the issue of crime, which has imposed in the subconscious of society an idea that I think is wrong. It has imposed that crime is one of the most significant problems of today; more than bad education, more than political corruption, more than lack of ethics and social consciousness of the companies, rather than the aberrant inequality of opportunity, rather than environmental issues.