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It would face the leader. It would focus on a single product (preliminary report) - the largest commercial bank - offering other value added products only. Decided to focus on a narrow market sector. Specifically decided to focus on a single bank with 1500 branches, of which selected the 900 largest. The all personally visited within four months. Keep in mind that the distances from one office to the next could be between 100-150 meters, ie were next to each other. In addition commercially in an office, or the director or agent, are provided, which are also available to receive the visit.

It did not require nor was ever made upon the conclusion of visit. 10 zones were plotted on the city in terms of ease of travel to maximize the number of daily visits. Gathered on the spot requests received by fax or in the office. Our entrepreneur just out each morning to your route to visit the office, appeared, talked with the principal or agent, left the documentation, he said goodbye and went into the next office. In addition to our enterprise, to address this niche has another advantage, as opening bank branches only in the morning was perfectly organized their day. In the morning visit in the afternoon do the job. While he performed the work we focus on innovating the service that the office had received so far. One example: - Where competition put only the company name in large letters and in black on paper folio, we create a modern logo on glossy paper and color .- Where competition using dot matrix printer, inkjet printer we used, where competition in a brown envelope delivered all reports with a detailed hand on the outside, we overtook The report by fax or mail we sent the original .- Each letter, each document (not reports) had a different phrase like "The things going wrong does not mean you can not get worse," which had just outline what treatment and was a different relationship with the client.

Edificio Banco Santander, on the Paseo de Pereda, in the city of Santander (Cantabria) where it originated and where it maintains its headquarters. The Santander Group from the merger took place between Banco Santander and Banco Central Hispano (BCH) in 1999. In turn, the Banco Central Hispano was formed in 1991 by the merger of Central and Latin American banks. Banco de Santander was founded in 1857. In principle operated only in the province of Santander (Cantabria today) but it later spread throughout Spain, many banks buying. For suparte, Banco Hispano was founded in 1900 with money repatriated to Cuba since the Hispano-American War of 1898, which is why his name. The Central Bank was born in 1919 from the merger of eight small banks. Later he continued buying banks to become the first private bank in Spain in the 80s. In May 2000, the Group acquired Mexican bank Santander Serfin, which became Grupo Financiero Santander Serfin, SA de CVand finally, Santander. In September 2004 it acquired British bank Abbey National (later renamed Abbey). Until August 2007, its name was Banco Santander Central Hispano, better known by his initials, BSCH. On the 13th of that month, he changed the name to the current Banco Santander. In October 2007, participated with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Belgian bank Fortis to buy ABN AMRO Bank, with the aim of dismembering and delivery. In this operation to hit him Santander Banco Real in Brazil and Banca Antonveneta in Italy. Later it was sold Antonveneta to Monte dei Paschi di Siena (another Italian bank) and its corporate banking division to General Electric Finance Interbanca. On 14 July 2008 she reported that Santander was in advanced talks to acquire the bank Alliance Leicester, a mortgage bank (building society) British, by 1600 million. On January 11, 2010 renamed British institutions Abbey and Bradford Bingley and Santander. Have the foresight to rename Alliance Leicester by the end of 2010, with all merged into one entity in the country.