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There is no doubt that if you want to move from employee to millionaire, have to start investing. Investment is what takes it from being an employee of a person who works for money an investor, a person for which the money works for her. Everyone expects to find the investment that allows to generate more money than what is invested. At the time of search in that investing a great amount of options are presented. What is the best investment? What is the investment that should begin to reach the wealth? The question is more simple than it seems, since all those who have attained wealth and success tell us that there is only an essential investment. It is the investment that anyone wishing success and wealth must be performed. Everyone says that the investment that produces the best fruits is the investment you make in yourself, in your own personal, professional, mental and spiritual development.

In his book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt says that the best investment is one that allows you to generate more money. Any investment made on its ability to generate wealth will take you to abundance, success and happiness. To improve its capacity to generate wealth the following tips you will helpful: 1. each entry you may have should be left to reinvertirla part in its ability to generate more money. It doesn't matter if that amount is small, but must leave something to nourish your mind, as well as leave something to nourish your body.

2. Read good books. Read books on your work area. If you read every day half an hour on your work area in a few months will be well informed and in two or three years will be an expert. If you read every day for more than five years it will be an international authority in their field of work.

Topalmacen starts year with new image for this new year that we started, we want to introduce the evolution of one of our industrial webs oldest in all of our stores online:, website specializing in the sale of all kinds of containers, drums, metal cages, lockers and all the necessary products to meet the needs of our customers in their stores, workshops, factories or companies. For this reason we have endeavoured with all our equipment design, programming, procurement, marketing and sales, to be able to provide a full web, very pleased and above all that is user-friendly and navigation. The website is designed so that users can find what they seek in a quick and comfortable way. Displays at a glance more products, using the entire screen. Outlet section, allows you to find a quick way to cheaper products without having to navigate throughout our website. Warned you to alert system, news, offers and product outlet that will be incorporating our.

New chat system, allows you to be in contact with our sales without having to call us. The most visited section allows us to find the most sought after sections of an easier way. Offers, we have improved our tenders section more clear, shows the discount, the time remaining to finish and available units. Menu, our new drop-down menu allows you to display more categories and much more specific. More offers, and more specific 8-4 by main section. Featured, we show the most interesting products for our customers. Related products, facilitates the purchase. Better display of products.

More information about delivery, payment methods, changes and refunds. Proud is to be able to provide better service on line each day and meet the needs of each of our clients. Electrolux shines more light on the discussion. We hope that this website is very useful for all of you. Source: Press release sent by mafalda2.

the desverticalizao is an interesting action and that it comes recently being used in the electric sector in Brazil, that it aims at to promote some ' ' concorrncia' ' in determined points of the productive chain of determined product. In the case of the electric energy, over all in the generation of energy. With this, at least part of the chain of the product if it would approach way market of the point of maximum economic efficiency. Therefore, the regulatory governana is of extreme importance for the infrastructure sector, and, consequently, for the electric sector. However, little has been studied on other inherent subjects to the subject, over all to that long ago they were said intangible. It is the case of the ambient externalidades of the energy sector that we will treat to follow. 3EXTERNALIDADES AND ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY a clean energy (alternative or of sources you renewed), can be more expensive and exactly thus to bring greaters benefits to the society and the set of the economy. We can say that the economic efficiency of a market can influence negative in the general balance, and with the global conscience of the importance of the ambient preservation, factors before ignored in the calculation of efficient market must be incorporated the costs and the profits.

The electric energy today is considered the basic service of bigger universality in Brazil. About 95% of the Brazilian population they have access to the electric net, being 99% of the cities. Of these, 85% are consuming residential (ANEEL, 2008). With a population of about 190 million people, these data in give the dimension to them of the challenge of the management of the electric sector. The electric matrix of Brazil is composed for great plants thermoelectrial hydroelectric plants, plants, two nuclear plants, isolated PCHs, and some units of alternative energies (solar, aeolian, hydrogen, etc).