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The brewery Garcia is the first CO2 neutral brewery of in Austria and receives prestigious environmental award on July 13, 2012 the brewery Garcia in the framework of the 24 hours of Bikens of the ecoregion Kaindorf of public was the first and so far only CO2 neutral brewery of in Austria presented itself. This was achieved on the one hand on the other hand a number of conservation measures in the area of production, through the acquisition of CO2 certificates from the eco-region which can provide these through the humus construction project. The approach of the brewery Garcia differs from that of other producers, the fact that not only the in-house production for the CO2 balance was considered, but that the Joanneum Research in Graz, which conducted the analysis, regarded the entire value chain. Ranging from the production of raw materials through the malting and brewing process to the transport to the customer all CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions have been compiled. The CO2 balance should be clearly marked, that the brewery in 2011 29.4 tons CO2 equivalent causes of emissions has, which corresponds to a value of 120 grams of CO2 per bottle natural beer.

It is for the environment around some friendly natural beer from the home of Garcia to drink than to drive a kilometer drive, because even a modern car emissions 15% per km approx. more CO2. For this successful project, the brewery was Garcia this year with the "excellent project award" awarded in the framework of the Daphne environmental protection Prize in 2012. The certificate was presented by editor-in-Chief Eberhart Fox personally. The previous changes were also the quality of the beers just good, because the three Musketeers from the brewery Gratzer (Johann, Hermann & Louis) could forcefully clean up State Championship of home and small brewers in Braunau this year and occupy several Stockerlplatze.

Further information material: overview of the CO2 balance of Brewery Gratzer information films from the presentation about the brewery Garcia: Garcia is a private small brewery of the ecoregion Kaindorf in the hills of Eastern Styria and Brewer and diploma Beersommelier - was founded by Alois Gratzer - 10 years ago. The perfect combination of good air and beautiful nature as well as the waiver of genetically modified raw materials, chemical flavors, pasteurization or moving with carbon dioxide make the unfiltered beer from the brewery Garcia one of the best - not for nothing it already often at Austrian Championships awarded. An Austrian supermarket offers an average of just 30 beers of 10 breweries. Did you know that there are but over 1000 different beers by nearly 200 breweries in Austria? This means that about 97% not available in regular trading. We are beer Patriots and want to show you that Austrian beer is much more and much more. That's why we founded, Austria 1 online shop for hand-brewed beer specialities from the best local breweries. On our platform we want to depict the variety of beer in Austria. With us can you order select beers, which are usually very difficult. Our offer includes a wide range of beer styles such as ALE/India pale ale, stout and Bock beer/stout classic marches. The delivery is made directly from the breweries to your home - this guarantees maximum freshness and fullest enjoyment of beer.

Indicates a measured high volatility in investment strategy actually also a high risk? The downside deviation offers a different perspective and is therefore a valuable addition to strategy reviews for investment professionals not an easy undertaking are, above all, because you can look hard in the minds of the traders responsible and usually receives even no insight into the algorithms of trading systems. Well, if you, the case, the trade development after all can follow live like in a managed account and from a relatively safe assessment of opportunity and risk of an investment strategy can reach over a certain period of time. Therefore, it makes sense to equip various interesting strategies with the minimum account size, to monitor the trading closely and to supplement such strategies, where the risk reward profile for individual needs appears acceptable. Comprehensive information is useful in the pre-selection of strategies and include also the risk figures traded history. "On the basis of simple indicators of volatility" and downside deviation"shows that the generally much better-known indicator of volatility" supplies not necessarily also the better approach of risk.

The volatility is the standard deviation of the changes in an investment. It takes into account price swings in both"directions. This means that high positive results exactly affect the volatility as high negative results. The pronouncement the higher volatility, is the greater also the risk the investor is"is therefore limited. Hardly an investor as a risk will feel positive deviations. These are eventually required and contribute to the profit of the investments. Because they however equally be taken into account in calculating the volatility as negative deviations, strong positive fluctuations contribute their part to the volatility.

Sole consideration of the volatility may be reason for a wrong assessment an investment guide. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Horowitz offers on the topic.. The downside deviation provides already somewhat clearer views of the exposure in the trade history. The formula for the calculation of this indicator is closely parallel to the calculation of volatility.

From September 12 to 14 with Salewa and mountain time on the Ortler after the winner of the last Alpine camps have already successfully climbed the Jubilee Ridge, as well as the Grossglockner, the Salewa Alpine camp in the summer of 2012 now leads on the Ortler. Gore-Tex is waiting for the participants a free tour with mountain guide, half-board on the payer hut, as well as each a Salewa chakra Pro Shell GTX Hardshelljacke and mountain time Cap. Prerequisite for the Salewa Alpine camp applicants should have alpine experience necessary for a high-altitude tour in combined and steep terrain. The candidate should be already skilled in dealing with glacier equipment, rope and crampons. Good condition for 8 hours walking time and 1000 metres per day are necessary. The sequence of the Salewa Alpine camps for the three winners is on the weekend of the 12 to 14 September 2012 via the normal route on the Ortler.

Meeting is Friday, September 12, at the parking lot of the long stone chair lift at the foot of the Ortler. After approximately 3 hours of ascent waiting for participants an overnight stay with half-board on the payer hut at 3029 m high-altitude. The next day it goes together with the guides on the Taberattakamm and the Tschirfeckwandl (with III the crux of the tour) on the Ortler plateau and finally to the peak of the Ortler. Descent and check-out take place on the same day. 14 September is planned as a reserve day, if the weather should not play.

The application to the Salewa Alpine camp for the Alpine camp you can apply in the mountain times blog at All you have to do is a short text to explain why exactly you're / the right for the Salewa Alpine camp on the Ortler. Closing date for entries is 15 August 2012 apply now and win a seat at the Salewa Alpine camp on the Ortler. Your team of and Salewa more info to the Salewa Alpine camp description, requirements and time frames: conditions: was the mountain time GmbH in 1999 as Founder of Internet shipping trade. Currently is the distribution of mountain sports, outdoor and travel equipment both stationary and online trading. As of 2009, the channel was expanded catalog shipping. Target group of mountain is the quality-oriented outdoor customer who places value on advice and service. For more information, see

Waste management act and new German packaging Ordinance: Vienna at the end of the assessment period. The deadline for comments on the proposed waste management act ended on February 22, 2013. The environmental services company Interseroh Austria sees a significant step in the right direction in the present draft of the law while, locates but at the same time significant potential for optimization. The company, which is active in Austria since 1997 in the disposal of packaging for commercial customers, calls for ensuring a free and mostly fair competition and a clear commitment to an improved environmental performance. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Johnson. Target of the environmental is a legally secure solution for customers and competitors, which is economical, but also ecological, justifiable. Safeguarding free competition with reserved looks especially requiring the holistic Interseroh Austria participation"( 13 para 2 g AWG), according to which each collecting category only a collection and recovery system would allow. Many companies use so-called split of the packaging"in the commercial sector, according to which parts the packaging for Interseroh and other parts at a competitor be retired.

"In budgetary matters, the overall participation is ' dar a virtually insurmountable barrier to free competition for the benefit of the ARA and the members of the Association", explains Franz Sauseng, Managing Director of Interseroh Austria. "Interseroh Austria is critical that passage of text in the draft law, according to which companies without seat or establishment within the local scope of the Federal Act" ( 13 g ABS. 1 AWG) are discriminated against. The environmental services company sees a clear contradiction to the European packaging directive, according to which imported products expressly allowed are not disadvantaged. Higher recycling rates and better CO? balance also is also the planned distinction between household packaging and industrial packaging ( 13 para 1 h AWG) not traceable. Because a large part of packages falling in the commercial would then be defined as household packaging.

That would reduce the high Recycling quotas and thus a poorer CO? balance resulted, as at present, for example, about 80 percent of the commercially generated plastic packaging, but only 30 percent of household packaging can be recycled. As a professional environmental services company we cannot support just such a solution. "Higher recycling rates and a better CO? balance should be no matter of definition but a matter of course", as Sachdeva. The INTERSEROH Austria GmbH, a company of the ALBA group, operates in the area of environmental services in Austria since 1997. The focus of the service offer Interseroh Austria (formerly EVA) lie in the acquisition of transferable obligations from the packaging, electrical appliance, and battery regulation in all Austria, the Organization and optimization of branch, storage and location disposal for production and trading companies and in the development of recycling solutions. Information about Interseroh Austria are available at. The ALBA group is with its two brands ALBA and Interseroh with about 200 subsidiaries and associated companies in Germany and Europe as well as Asia and the United States active. With nearly 9,000 employees * she generated an annual turnover of 3.2 billion (2011). Thus, the ALBA group, one of the leading recycling and environmental services company, and raw material suppliers is worldwide.

For the solution-focused counselling, this means that the client with some help is quite able to cope with a normal life, difficulty and no longer have to stop in the problem spiral. With this understanding of the problem of consultants can help the clients to the challenge to make future, to solve its current stand and looking forward. "Exactly this rotation" to support the intention of the solution focused approach is. II. 2 choices get it only if people begin to design scenarios of the possible move in directions that make you happier, and (their) problems or lose largely influence."3 As a result the solution-focused consulting allows the client again to get a look for its entire solution potential, so as to develop more leeway for our own actions. In the context of solution-focused counseling, new perspectives can be opened and run so the client from his by the fixation of the problem causing incapacity. The Losungsfokussierte, also for the smallest change ways, seeking advice. You focus on the opportune.

This is done mainly through concentration on exceptions that represent already unconsciously working solutions. Although the client tends to perceive his problem as always existent, but problems don't exist in equal measure. It is necessary to concentrate on just these exceptional situations on the one hand on the situation-specific conditions, to clarify the cause of the exception, on the other hand on the behavior of the client in the Exceptional situation. The consultant analyzed so not the actual problem and whose condition structure, but the behavior of the client in the complaint reduced phase. As a result, the client sees itself not as a victim of circumstances but as active trading. If this search is successful and differences are observed and discussed in the first meeting, the expectation of a significant change in the complaint and the solution for the client and the therapist confirmed, because with regard to the complaint a change has already occurred.

Already 4.2 million of international mail and parcel shipments in the first half of 2012 made to the Hamburger IMN international mail net GmbH is growing in the 6th consecutive two-digit year. The IMN founded in 2007 is focused on global shipping solutions for mail and packages. 4.2 million international mail and parcels were delivered in the first half of 2012, representing an increase of 30% compared to the same period last year. Sales rose in the same period by 60%. We grow double digits in the 6th year in a row. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andreessen Horowitz has to say.

The strong growth in the first half of stems significantly through new international package shipper in the United States and Europe. But the volume of mail has evolved pleasing in the first half of the year in Germany as well as abroad,"says Frank Swoboda, managing partner of IMN. Also for the z-wide half sees the IMN the continuation of good development and expected rising volumes from the United States and Asia. Germany is in addition to the United Kingdom, one of the main target markets of our international customers for mail and Parcel shipments. The IMN participates here particularly to the significant increases in cross-border E-commerce area. A whole series of new shipper in the United States and Asia are already in the implementation, so that we will move significantly higher volumes in the second half of the year", so Frank Swoboda. The IMN offers its customers global shipping solutions for mail, press, letters, magazines and packages and is represented through a dense network of agents in all major trading centers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Great 2011 chose place to work / Germany's best employer ec4u under the top high employee satisfaction brings 100 Karlsruhe again a top spot among German employers the consulting company, 13.03.2012 - the CRM specialist ec4u expert consulting ag was the world's largest and most prominent employers competition as one of the top 100 employers of in Germany determined. This proves the company headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany once again its attractiveness as an employer. Annual great place to work among all participants to determine evaluation criteria standardized the leaderboard Germany's best employer"determined. An employee survey is to evaluate a (great place to work trust-index ) carried out, put in the 60 questions in the areas of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit in the workplace. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. On the other hand held a management survey to get a better insight into the overall culture of the Organization and the measures and concepts in the HR and leadership to optimally capture.

The competition distinguishes itself above all as a result that the participating companies usually already have a dedicated positioning on the requested subjects and also use this competition as a benchmarking. Jens Rehwinkel, Executive and leader in the personnel area, assessed the results: the participation of great place to work was primarily motivated by the desire to take part in an independent benchmarking for us. We wanted to know where we stand in the German average as an employer and determine our areas for improvement. That's why we have measured with the best of the best. That we have been listed on right off the bat in the TOP 100 makes us very proud. Our employees have a great trust in us and we are pleased that we can offer a working environment, where they bring excellence and are simultaneously satisfied."ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Munich, Pfaffikon, and Zurich is one of the leading Company for services in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) in German-speaking countries.

It offers proven CRM services from strategy to implementation and prospective customers. ec4u looks back on over 140 successful CRM projects and implementations. The customer list includes renowned customers from the core industries with long-standing customers like Bayer, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Integralis, MEWA, RWE, Stryker, Swisscom and ZKB finance, telecommunications, life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), as well as energy.